I can see the light,
Right before my eyes.
I won’t walk to it,
No, I ain’t gonna rise.
Don’t wanna wear,
That smiling mask.
Let me surrender 
Myself to the dark!

Helping hands,
Reach out to me.
To get me out
Of the dark.
I need no escape,
I need no rescue,
Darkness is 
Where I embark!

Don’t drag me out,
Into the light.
Let me loose myself,
Into the dusky night.
Don’t terminate the
reason to my life.
Don’t wanna question 
My own shadow in fright.

The moonless night,
Is where I belong. 
That is what
Makes me strong.
Where I smile 
At my scarred face,
Darkness is where
I find true solace.

©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED