I broke the Leg! ;)

Hello dear bloggers, I’m back with yet another beautiful experience. You know, since that ‘Break The Ice‘ event blog, my life has literally changed for the better. *Though there are some drawbacks to it too 😹* So, yesterday LitMus conducted the first event for this session, ‘Going down the Memory Lane‘, it basically was a story telling session where we had to narrate some experiences from our lives. Talking about me, I was more inclined towards being a Listener and not the Narrator. But, I was literally pushed to participate.


The first thought that struck me was ‘Nooo, I don’t wanna do this pleeeease!’ But, then the next thought was somewhat like, ‘Yes, this is the chance, you need to develop your communication skills and you won’t get a better opportunity. Go for it.’ But, I didn’t even have a story to narrate. I thought and thought and finally had one idea, why not narrate the story of my life? And my life’s all about writing. So why not narrate my experiences of how I realised that I could actually write and what happened further!

This was the first time that I was going to speak. I mean, I have tried ‘Public Speaking’ lots of times back in school, but the difference was that there, all I had to do was to read out things, and here, it was like I had to speak up by myself, at the moment! This was DIFFERENT. I totally know the issue with me. And hence, I try to stay away from speaking.

I have no issue of grammatical errors, the only problem is that of Thoughts. I don’t get thoughts at the moment. If you ask me to write down, I can fill lots and lots of pages, but while speaking, I don’t know why but I don’t get thoughts that easily, and when I do, it takes time to process them, convert them to understandable language, fit proper vocabulary and then present it! Hence, I was a bit scared. 😑

Yesterday morning, before the event, I pushed away all the negative thoughts and I tried to encourage myself, ‘This is a big day for you. Today, you’ll be facing your biggest fear, and you need to defeat it anyhow. Let the people think whatever they want to, today you’ll take one step to success, towards your dream, today you’ll grow!’

My eyes were wet as I realised how important this day was in my journey. Being a Big-Time-Introvert, I never liked to be the centre of attention, I always liked to be hidden and not be seen, but today, I would be a totally different person, a more confident, a more happy person, only that thought was enough to energize me, I was really excited and I took a pledge to give it my best shot. I wanted to be proud of myself today!

So, the event started with a lot of excitement. This had never happened before, but I was eagerly waiting for my turn. Today, I was different. Today, I wanted to speak up, I wanted to know my true potential. I really really was excited to know if I really could speak! And the moment, I walked up to the stage, I was continuously telling myself, ‘Believe in yourself’. And yes, it worked. I faced the crowd and yes, that hesitation gripped me while I was trying to express myself. I was still unable to gather up the accurate words, but I think I did quite well.

I narrated how I had started my journey 10 years ba


ck, how I used to write on every topic imaginable, then I even recited a really lame First Poem that I wrote as a kid. It was hillarious and embarrassing as well. Then, how I was hired for writing poems for school functions. Further, how I came into blogging and how it changed my world! It was a really enjoyable experience. I ended it up by concluding that these were the Best ten minutes of my life!

I do believe that miracles happen everyday. My life has been full of miracles. And nowadays, I regularly find miracles happening in my life. 😹 So, the point of my story was that you never know what might happen! Any moment might be a turning point, any disaster might lead you to your destiny!

I wholeheartedly thank LitMus’s entire team for providing me a platform to present myself, this experience brought me a little closer to my dream. My dream of becoming a great speaker someday. Today I was able to break the leg of this Public Speaking Fear. Today, I had a new beginning to my life, I feel proud of myself. I am very thankful. It was a successful event and a life changer for me. Cheers to everyone! :)


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  1. Mahesh Mali says:

    Congratulations for successfully tackling your fear ! ✌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayy! Thankyou Mahesh. 😇😇


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