Hello people! Finally the wait ends. 🙌
Here I am, with the very first session of our Series, presenting The Collab King,  MAHESH MALI. 😎 Read on to find some secrets revealed, specially the Favourite Bloggers one! (Mai bhi hu usme, hehe 😻)

*Kuchh Batao Na, MAHESH* 😂

Mahesh Mali

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

I’m Mahesh Mali from a beautiful city.. Pune, and I am currently perusing my Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m from a family of four members, I have a younger brother who’s better than me in every field { except writing } 😅. I’m a curious person so I keep on exploring things, I love reading and writing :mrgreen: and I’m willing to write my own novel. :D

2. What/who inspired you to get into blogging?

I’m a storyteller, so I was looking for a platform to share my writing, and blogging seemed to be the perfect option.

3. What is blogging to you?

At the start of my blogging journey, blogging was just a medium to share my attempts at writing, but now it has become a part of day-to-day life.

4. Please please please tell us about all your achievements IN DETAIL, Mr Secretive! 😹


– I WAS winner of state level Lawn Tennis competition.
– I have won two state level Presentation competitions this year.

5. Where do you get your stories ? Are they all real life experiences ?

Mostly real life 😂 There are always so many things happening around, so I use incidences from surroundings and some from my friends’ life in my stories. 😁

6. Has blogging changed anything in your life as a person ?

– My thoughts have become richer by reading amazing content on blogs I’m following here.
– I had never imagined myself writing poems before coming to the blogosphere. 

7. As we all know, you’re Mr COLLAB KING, we’d like to know what’s coming up next in your list? Whom do you wish to collaborate with in future?

Upcoming Collabs : Marathi Collab with Arti, Romantic Collab with THE GREAT Shreya! Collab about Life with Chandni 😅, Part 2 of my collab with Tanya, and also have received few collaboration requests but haven’t finalized the topics yet. So , basically this month is going to be a ‘Collaborations Special’ for Awesomengers.

Whom I wish to collaborate in future : Actually I’m willing to do collaboration with almost everyone. 😂 To name a few I would say .. Anagha, Kishan {of course a funny one}

8. What would you suggest to the budding bloggers ?

– You will always have days when you feel like an amateur. You will hate what you wrote, you will face criticism and negative comments; bad days are part of the package. You just have to shut them out, and keep writing anyway.

9. What is the definition of a ‘Perfect Girlfriend’ for you? Mention some of her qualities. When do you think you’ll find her? 😂

– There’s no certain definition of ‘Perfect Girlfriend’ 😁 Love is a feeling… so it might just happen . 

– Her qualities should be – Honesty, Loyalty, Beauty & most important thing: Love… She must love me endlessly. ❤


10. What have you liked best about your life so far? What’s your happiest or proudest moment?

– For me, it was getting asked for date by the hottest girl in my school. She was way out of my league, and I mean light years out of my league.
( lol, just kidding )

Actually I like to believe that my proudest moment, however, is yet to happen. There are many moments in my life that I am proud of. But if I have to tell, proudest moment so far…

When I was in 6th standard, I was the president of Students Council of middle school & we had organized a ‘Students Summit’. And I was sitting on stage with Principal, Pune University Dean, Corporator of our area. I was a bit nervous, because I was supposed to give a speech in front of them. When Principal Sir came to address the audience, other guest had left the hall.

Principal Sir was talking about the students’ general knowledge & suddenly he asked some question about the recent events happened in world…
No one from the audience had any idea about that, but thanks to reading habit.. I raised my hand and gave the correct answer to that question.

To complement this he gave me 501₹, which had one rupee note that he had received from his teacher when he had got highest marks in his 10th.
When I heard the story behind that note, I was stunned.. It was the ‘3 idiot’ scene in my life.

11. When will you actually complete your Sci-Fi novel? What new twists are you planning to add to it?

– I have no idea when it will be completed as I’m constantly adding and removing plots :mrgreen: Craving for the best one..
*SPOILER ALERT* Talking about the twist I’m planning to kill one protagonist {Yes , I’m gonna be a murderer 😂}

12. What do you think have been the turning points in your life? What were you like then?

– Selecting Mechanical Engineering was a huge turning point, and I regret it sometimes. 😑

– Joining WordPress is again a huge turning point, I discovered a poet and writer in myself.

13. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites? 😻

-1. Anagha, my WordPress Sis. :D
She’s supporting and motivating me since I was noob in blogging world… She is the first Blogger friend of mine… she was the first one to read my SciFi… she was the one who stopped me from giving up on ‘Secret Love‘ {which again I had started to add something like ‘Unbounded’ on my blog 😁}

-2. Shreya , Oh I love her writing skills .. She’s so blessed that I think she can create poetry by simply looking outside the window 😁 
She’s such a sweet friend and my adviser.. yeah, you read it right I always ping her whenever I need some word of advice. :mrgreen:

-3. Fairy, Undoubtedly.. Fairy must be on everyone’s favourite list, I love the way she conveys her philosophy by using simple, very simple examples.. 
She is also one of those awesome people who always make me happy with their sweet comments. With 99 comments till now, she is the one who has commented on Awesomengers more than anyone else.

-4. Chandni, She can be a great content writer. The way she describes the events is simply phenomenal, I wondered that will I ever write something about any event in such beautiful way!?

This enthusiastic girl has helped me many times in editing and making corrections in my post.
She wants to be Journalist and has that instinct I guess, cause she has gathered a lot of information about me via Kuchh Batao Naa… 😂😂

-5. Tanya, Nitin, Antara, Anjali, Sumit, Sanskriti, Aanchal, Akhila Ji, Pratz, Mahima, Anshika, Pratishtha❤ are also in my favourite list. But I think it will take a lot of time if I continue appreciating each one of them.. There’s one common thing about all of them.. They are Awesomengersly Amazing. 😎

14. Do you have a philosophy of life? What’s your best piece of advice for living?

– Winners don’t quit , Quitters Don’t Win.
So, never give up because every legend was once an amateur.

15. Anything you would like to end with?

Think हटK , Be Awesome 😎

Awesomengers Team 😎

It was a great great greattt experience getting an insight into this Awesomenger’s life! Got to know a LOT! If anyone of you has any different, interesting questions for him, do leave them in the comments section! He’d be glad to answer them as well. 😈

And do let us know how did you like our first attempt at this. We would also like to hear who you’d like to have next on our Series. Stay tuned, we’ll be back next Sunday with another Beautiful Blogger! 😇

-Firefly 🌟

Here’s the link to the next interview: Kuchh Batao Naa, Pari :)