Understand their Iceberg

Tell me how often have you judged people on the basis of their behaviour/appearance and later realised how wrong you were about them. How often have those same people been the most beautiful of all? How often have you felt guilty for judging them beforehand?

After the post that I made yesterday, I have realised that I am more aware about my feelings, I have connected deeply to myself after the confession and acceptance of the past. I have started looking at things from a completely different perspective.

I remember the NEN Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp I attended two weeks back, we were taught about ‘Perception‘ in Communication Development Session. I failed to understand it at that time. See, how slow I am! I am the Tortoise who I never understands things at the moment, until they happen to me, or else I find it in practical application. I am a slow-learner but never mind, I am learning daily atleast!

So, there we were taught this word ‘Perception’. It means those opinions we have for things which are not supported by any logic. And they conducted activities to show that our Perception about someone is never completely true.

Suppose you have a new student in your college, on the very first day, better say, the very moment you notice them, your brain unconsciously forms opinions about them. You judge them by the way they talk, walk, smile and what not. It’s when you get to know them on a personal level, you realise that you were such an idiot!

We were taught that impromptu opinions are always wrong, we must try to ‘Understand the person’s Iceberg’. What the person displays in his first interaction is only a 10% of what he actually is! So, what you know about him is only a tenth part. You don’t know about him, his life, his upbringing, his struggles, his achievements, his fears. You know nothing about why he behaves that way.

So, basically, one shouldn’t form opinions about people in haste. Go, talk to them, try to know them. With time, you’ll understand their Iceberg. And I have noticed, first impression is NOTHING, literally. I have seen people hate each other in the beginning and become the bestest of pals later.

Why I made this post? Today, I realised the fact that lately I have been judging a lot of people without knowing a thing about them. I’ve acting on my preconceived notions about them. But, I never paid any attention to understanding their Iceberg, I feel guilty, I feel bad about myself.

To all those I had in my mind while writing this down, if somehow you’re reading this, please accept my apology. I am really sorry. I promise to never judge people again. Everyone has his/own story. We don’t know what they have been through and hence we have no right to judge them on that basis. I am sorry.

Firefly 🌟

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