Kuchh Batao Naa, Pari!


Hello and welcome back people. Today, we have with us, this extremely adorable blogger, the Angel, Ms Smiley Smiles, Pratishtha Sharma! 😇 Here’s an update for you guys, we have now added her to our Interviewers List too. She is damn interesting, you’ll agree to it by the end of this interview. ❤

She actually had a LOT to say. This interview was reallly productive. We got to know sooo much about her, that now we feel like we didn’t know her at all before this! She shared with us, her biggest achievements, her deepest scars, her thoughts on almost everything, her love for her family, we got to know her better as a person and we enjoyed it completely,  she’s such a sweetheart, the biggest example of Courage. Presenting, our beautiful Angel, Pari! 😇

*Kuchh Batao Naa, Pratishtha*


Q1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Hello! First of all, thankyou for choosing me for this interview, I am very excited! My name is Pratishtha Sharma Deveshwar (I know it’s long😂). I just entered into adulthood (yay). I study in class 12, Humanities stream. Political Science is my passion, something I love! NO! I dont wana be a politician but I love studying about them.

I hail from a small town in Punjab and I love the fact that I am a Punjaban. I am the ever-smiling-girl. Always wearing the brightest smile in the room.:) Baaki you would come to know through next questions. And my blog, well I made it because I needed a platform to share my writeups as I’ve been writing since i was 7. I have been inactive lately but will be active henceforth!

Q2. What is your best experience as a Blogger?

Best experience, umm…I had posted a write-up of mine and one of my friend’s liked it a lot! He took a screenshot of the post and uploaded it on his Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter account with a caption- This girl’s words are magic! As a blogger, I really felt very special that day as my work was appreciated and shared.

Q3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

If I could have one superpower, it would be the healing power. I would heal all the people who lack something, who are not able to live their life to the fullest due to a disease or injury. Seeing a person deprived of some physical ability disheartens me. I would use my power to make a blind person SEE this beautiful world, these colors we see everyday are so normal for us but I know, that blind person would value red and yellow more than any of us.

I would make a deaf person hear these noises that we, normal people despise. For that deaf guy, the irritating noise of horns would be heavenly, I know. I would make him hear birds incessantly chirping, the magical sound of raindrops pouring, his mother’s sweet, loving voice too.:)

I would use my power to make a mute person speak. I can imagine how badly that guy would want to unleash and spill out those unspoken words that are lost somewhere in the chords of his throat. I would make him hear HIS VOICE. I would make a paralyzed person walk. These feet we have, we are so used to of them but those different ones who cannot stand, walk, run and dance know the real value of all this. I would make them dance until their legs hurt! I, SUPERHEALER, would heal ALL THOSE SPECIAL ONES.:)

Q4. What/who inspired you to get into blogging?

People! To be very frank, I had no plans of setting up a blog. But everywhere I used to see my friends talking about their blogs. Many of my friends are into blogging and to used to rant about it all the time! I got this many likes, I got this many comments. And I was like! -_-

What is so special about what they write, even I write and even I deserve all this praise. So I should also start a blog.😂😂😂 So to be very true, it was out of jealousy or a sense of competition that I got into blogging.

Q5. What words of wisdom would you pass on to your childhood self?

Hey little girl. Do you recognize me? I am an older and wiser version of you, a little less cute than you though. And I am here to tell some things to you, which I learnt over time and you are unaware of. Note down these points honey, they will help you live better.

1. STOP. Just stop this habit of comparing yourself with everyone and trying to be the best in the crowd. You work very hard to become a little better each day, I know but don’t work to be better than others, work my dear, to be better than YOURSELF. This thing called “competition” will never end! You will always find someone better than you. So just focus on being better than the Pratishtha you knew yesterday.

2. DON’T feel bad about this dark skin of yours. This is nothing, absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Stop envying those fair-skinned girls. Carry yourself with confidence and boldness, I bet, you would look a lot more beautiful than them. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, remember that.

3. Live in the moment girl. Stop worrying about little things! You got less marks in maths? Chill, that’s not a big issue.You had a fight with your best friend? That doesn’t matter either. Listen sweety, you are going to live a beautiful life.One day, you would marry a handsome man, have adorable kids, see your parents smiling at you proudly and my love your life will be perfect. Believe in God and yourself. I love you always.❤

Q6. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites? 

Well,favorite bloggers! Here’s the list-

1. Antara- She is the most amazing woman I have ever come across! Her personality is so captivating, so impressive! The way she talks and presents herself, I can sum it up in a few words- I WANT TO BE LIKE HER. :) And she writes beautifully!

2. Mahesh- I like this guy a lot! He is very friendly and has no ego issues like most of the boys have, so it’s really good to have a chat with him, he is a friend you can trust.

3. Sumit- Well, I did not talk to him much since a while, I used to earlier but this man has got something in him! He is very charming and friendly and confident and such an amazing writer! I hope the best for him.

4. Krati- This girl is just so kind! I always look forward to her comments and posts, I can always relate to what she writes and I really adore her!

5. Chandni- She is the most positive girl I’ve seen! Her posts are so refreshing and full of sunshine! She is my first friend on WordPress.😄

And there are many more! Saketh, I really respect him as a person. Nisha writes so well. Kishan always tickles the funnybone. I respect each blogger here, who has steped out and entered this zone of sharing thoughts!

Q7. What is the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?

My mom made this ‘Best Daughter Award‘ for me on my birthday. ☺


Q8. Do you believe in ‘Love at First Sight’?

In the relationship context, I don’t! There can be attraction at first sight but not love because to love someone we must know them deeply. When you see someone for the first time, you can feel attracted towards them and it can later evolve into love, but this is not LOVE at first side basically.

Otherwise we do fall in love at first sight when we see some extremely beautiful place, for me- Venice! It was love at first sight for me, ever since I have seen pictures of that place, I have fell in love with it and I want to go there. But in human context, it is quite different. :)

Q9. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

10 years from now I would be 28. I can visualize myself as an energetic and successful IAS officer! An IAS officer who has made a mark in people’s hearts. I can see myself implementing all the plans I have in mind, to make the society a better place. I can see myself wearing a suit, with my spectacles on, with short hair and a serious look, sitting on the chair of “Deputy Commissioner” and working for my country. Living my dream.

On the other side I can see myself at my big bungalow, I can see my handsome, loving husband who hugs me tightly everytime I come from office and tells me that he loves me. I see my adorable little baby sitting on the bed, playing with a teddy maybe. And as he/she sees me back home, he/she coming towards me running, shouting “Mumma” and then kissing me on my cheek. And then we all sit and play together, I am wearing shorts and a top, without my specs, smiling the brightest!

Q10. Do you have any Phobias?

Yaaaaaas!!!!! I have Aquaphobia. I am just too scared of water! Actually there’s a story behind it. I was 8, we were at Haridwar, bathing in the holy Ganga. And suddenly I drowned. My grandfather saw my feet floating above water, I was upside down.😂 He pulled me out, hence I was saved.

Otherwise I would have gone with the flow! But even before that, and henceforth, I have been scared of water. I cannot bathe with my eyes closed! I feel restless! I need to keep my eyes open and make sure that I am alive while I am in water.😅

Q11. Who is the one person closest to you?

My father. He is the most amazing human being I know. He is my superhero, my prince charming. I don’t need a boyfriend to love and pamper me. My dad gifts me flowers, tells me I am beautiful, takes care of me and loves me insanely! NO ONE CAN LOVE ME MORE THAN HIM and NO ONE CAN LOVE HIM MORE THAN ME!

Q12. What do you look for in your Future Partner? Mention some of his qualities. 😛

I was someone who NEVER had a fixed criteria of what I want in my lifepartner. All I thought was “love” is enough. This is all I need. But maturity sank in and I understood that love was never enough.:) The person I would happily marry should:

1. Love me deewanon ki tarha, like, he should be crazy about me, he should love each and every little thing about me and the most important is, HE SHOULD EXPRESS IT. In short, I should be able to proudly say that this man loves me the most, after my father.

2. He should be Possessive. Most of the girls don’t like it but I love it! He should not let any man dare to come near me, he should be jealous when I talk to some other guy and he should scold me about it later. He should be insanely possessive, like Christian Grey is for Ana.

3. He should be Goodlooking. This is not the biggest priority but I want that he should be very goodlooking, I like those guys who are in a smart suit, with a tie, chivalrous! He should have a captivating personality and other girls should be for once jealous on seeing me with him.😬

4. He should pamper me! Alright this should have been at number one. I love cheesy-romantic things that guys do in movies. I want him to make me feel really special always. I expect him to pamper me a lot.

5. I am not a gold-digger but i want him to be rich.😅 Who doesn’t like rich men? They are attractive. I want to travel the world with him and that would require money!

6. I should be able to see an image of my dad in him, some qualities of my dad, he should be like my father.That would be all.

The list can go on but you know what? The day I will fall in love, all these wishes would just disappear and I will accept him the way he is. But, if he fulfills these qualities, I would be lucky.;)

7. HE SHOULD BE VERY GOOD IN BED. THIS IS A MUST. I want him to be sensuously romantic.😬

Q13. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Okay so. This happened when I was in 6th. I and my best friend Simran hated a girl, her name was Meghna (I hope she doesn’t read this😂). So, we had a sports class, Meghna was playing lawn tennis in the court. Me and Simran were passing by. Meghna had kept her water bottle outside the court. We saw her bottle and smiled wickedly at each other. We both knew that we were going to do something evil.😈

We cautiously walked towards her bottle and sat near it. Simran opened the bottle and I plucked some grass from the ground and stuffed her bottle with grass.😂 Simran did the same, so there was a lot of mud-coated grass floating in her bottle. After we were done, we kept the bottle back at its place and sat there, chatting.

Meghna came after a while, opened her bottle. It was so damn difficult for me and Simran to control our laughter but the born-actresses we are, we somehow controlled. Meghna gently placed her lips on the bottle and started drinking it.😂 And her expression was priceless. 😂 She was like:twisted:. Grass was in her mouth. Me and Simran smiled at each other and asked her what happened, we behaved like we knew nothing and later we went to the washroom and laughed like lunatics.😂 We were insane, that was an epic day.😬

Q14. What is the best compliment you’ve received?

I woke up one day, it was a month ago. My eyes were closed, my dad asked me to eat my medicines, I ate medicines with closed eyes. My father said- PRATISHTHA, YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL. My heart smiled, my soul beamed, I felt like the most beautiful girl on earth. Seriously. This world always tends to make you feel small and ugly. But when a father like him reminds, rather in an l unprecedented way that you are beautiful, there is NOTHING more motivating and inspiring than this.☺ I would remember that as the most genuine and real compliment I’ve ever received. After that, I slept again, with a smile.

Q15. What would be the greatest accomplishment of your entire life?

The greatest accomplishment ever, for me would be to one day take my parents and my brother with me on a world tour, make them live like kings, make them enjoy their life. Mom dad have kinda sacrificed their good-young days for me, I want to pay back. I want to give them all that they couldn’t have. I want to fulfill my dad’s every wish, that would be the greatest accomplishment for me.


It was an amazing experience interviewing this Beautiful girl. We asked her lots and lots of questions and she answered all of them with utter enthusiasm. How as soon as she answered one question, she was all set to answer more and more and more of them. This was her all time favourite dialog for the past week, “Aur puchho naa, aur puchho naaaa!“. There were many more questions too, but our 15-question-format doesn’t allow us to do so, hence we put up the more interesting ones here. 🙌


Mahesh: Interviewing Pratishtha was a rollercoaster of emotions, she made me smile with all her sweet answers .. she left me stunned sometimes .. She made me seriously think about Love and Life. But I’m really happy to know so many things about her, she is a special one for me and I’m willing to know her better ..

Chandni: In the past week, me and Pari became really good friends. My perception about her changed by 360°. I was literally in love with each and every answer she gave. She is the most positive and courageous girl. And her energy was infectious, at such a little age of 18, she shows so much of maturity, she is so full of life! I deeply appreciate that. Thankyou Pari, for making me realise the value of things! Love you. 😇

If anyone of you wants to know more about her, or wants to ask some different questions to her, you’re welcome. She would be glad to answer you all.

Last week we had a Terrific start with Mahesh as the First guest on our show. For those of you who haven’t read the last one, do read it here: Kuchh Batao Naa, Mr Positive!

We’ll be back next Sunday with another Awesome Blogger. Till then, keep guessing who’s he/she! Take care guys! 🌟

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  1. oh Pari, u r such a nice soul and we both have a same aim i.e to be an IAS. I appreciate each and every answer she gave. Chandani, Mahesh…u guyz once more made it interesting and worth reading guyz. :D

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    1. Thankyou Ratika. Definitely, Pari is actually an Angel, it was a great experience knowing this sweet girl. 😇
      And thankyou Ratika. There are still more in the series. Keep reading! 🌟


    2. Hey! Same pinch girl.UPSC is one difficult exam to crack,we are both ambitious to have set this high goal.All the best to you,work hard and top the list,i will follow you.😉 Thankyou so much!! 😊

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  2. Nice going on with your interview session…Chandni you are really unique..I always look forward to read something new from you..I can see your future is bright because you are very good in what you do..Love you baby and god bless you..:-)

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    1. Hey, thankyou so much Neha. I am so glad that you liked it. Hehe, all thanks to Pari and Mahesh. They are great people. 😇

      Thankyou, you comment made me smile. I definitely will keep surprising you with new and unique posts, haha! 🙌😇

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  3. Thankyouuu so much dear Chandani and Mahesh for speaking so high of me.I am flattered by your kind words.😊 It was soo sooo sooooo exciting to be interviewed by you! I thoroughly enjoyed it.😘😊 You both are so sweet and fun people! It was a pleasure spending more time with you.We would stay friends forever,i am hoping.😊 And thankyou for making me a part of your series now!! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thankyou Pari. It was a beautiful experience knowing you better. Even I really enjoyed with you guys. And yes, we would always stay friends. Cheers to us. 😇❤
      Yayy! You are FUN. And it would be our pleasure to have you in the team. Abi maza ayega. Welcome Pariii. 😊😊

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  4. Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to know you better 😘❤
    I waited every day for the interview sessions 😍😍 thinking about the sweet , honest answers you’d given ! And yeah we would stay friends forever 😘😇 And thank you once again for becoming a part of this series , We are going to have a great time , I hope ✌😊

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  5. Reblogged this on Awesomengers and commented:

    It was pleasure interviewing Pari , My special friend , Amazing Blogger & a Beautiful soul 😍😍😍.. I get know A LOT about her .. and I really can’t express how much impact this interview have made .. It’s strange that I always fail searching right words when it comes to express my feelings about this particular interview . Enjoy reading interview of this sweet angel living on earth 😊

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  6. I really like this new thing you have started Chandni Di. Very creative indeed!
    But I didn’t like what the girl did just to laugh it at later. I hope i don’t have friends like this. I thought she was very sweet.
    It was a nice post anyway. :))

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    1. OMG! It’s not everyday that you receive a comment from SRIJAN! This makes me so happy. ☺☺
      I am glad ki tujhe achha laga ye.

      Finish your exams and we’ll interview you too then. I am happy that you liked it so much that you actually left a comment! 😛

      And, that was when we asked her about the Craziest Moment. She definitely is very sweet okay? She is the sweetest girl. Aise nai bol Srijan. 😕


  7. Pari I think is the first person who made me laugh in this series of your chandni!

    I just love loved it.
    The best part of this blog is, when she said “don’t feel sad about the dark skins of yours”

    You’ll not trust me, but i immediately took the screen shot of that para and send to the best friend of mine.

    And the most interesting part was, when she was in haridwar.. 😂😂😂 omg! I just rofl…

    Such an amazing blog! Thanks!
    Thankyou for sharing a part of the people’s life don’t know. Loved reading it.

    And sorry haan for reading it late. I don’t like reading that much. 😅😜

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