Yayyyy! I feel sooo happy. It’s my first Blog Anniversary, finally there’s something to smile about. I have already shared my story of how I started writing and then how I got into blogging. Today, I’d like to share something different.

The one thing I always wanted in life was to be known for what I am, I wanted people to recognize me, to acknowledge me for my work. I was always good at studies and other activities, but still there was something which made me feel like I did not have my own identity. There was nothing which would represent me, there was nothing which made me ME! I wanted people to realise that there’s a girl ‘CHANDNI ASNANI‘ too.

Last year when I entered into college life, I decided to start a blog and I never knew that I would continue it for a complete year! Blogging gifted me my Identity, it made me realise that even I am something. Today, I can proudly say that I am a Blogger, and yes, people do respect me for that. People today know me by my name. They appreciate my work. And it makes me super happy.

A few days back I posted a blog about a college event, BREAK THE ICE 2K16. That day was another turning point. That day I was acknowledged. I remember how they appreciated me, seniors, juniors, teachers, everybody! I remember how the Seniors in my college whom I deeply respect and admire, appreciated my work. I was speechless. It was the most genuine compliment I’ve received in my entire life.

And today, I feel happy. This blog gave me a new identity, FIREFLY! This blog gave me adorable friends, friends who are a part of life today. This blog gave me a platform to voice my opinions, it made me a more confident person. This blog is the one thing I cherish the most today.

A big thankyou to everyone who has been a part of my blogging journey, thankyou for making me what I am today. Thankyou for all those beautiful comments. Thankyou for following THE TWILIGHT FIREFLY. Thankyou for reading and appreciating my work always. Love you all beautiful people. 

 -Firefly 🌟