True Heaven

A perfect day for me, would definitely be this. A silent walk by the seashore, Me, my journal, the cool breeze and lots and lots and lots of solitude! That would be Pure Bliss. God, please let me live this day soon! :)

A carefree walk,
Beside the seashore.
Caressing my feet,
The waters azure.

The cherished solitude,
That refreshing breeze.
The lazy sunset,
Those lively trees.

A cheery smile,
The birds, the skies.
Oh, that is where,
True heaven lies!

©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


22 thoughts on “True Heaven

  1. Wow!!! Baby. It’s beautiful. And yes cherishing these moments would be lovely and it would be the perfect state of solitude. I love the symphony in your poem. I could feel the delightment of being there at the sea shore. ☺❤

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  2. A walk,
    With the golden sunshine,
    Music by the winds and the water,
    Let My bed would be the sand,
    And I’ll be the dreamer of it.

    Amazing chandni! Amazing!
    Sorry for the above lines, couldn’t able control the thoughts 💭. 😅😊

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