There’s nothing comparable to the silence that prevails during Midnight. And when you sit peacefully by the window, stare out into the depths of the sky, and embrace those moments, you feel like you can understand the language of silence!

It lets you find a deeper meaning to life, it solves all mysteries, all puzzles and you suddenly meet your real self, pure and serene! :)

Staring into the blackness,
With eyes wide awake.
Surrender to the dark,
Let the silence pervade.

Let the stillness narrate,
The tales you never knew.
That’s how you find yourself,
That’s where you meet YOU!

©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


27 thoughts on “Midnight

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    1. Hello dii. I totally agree. I remember, a long time ago you wrote to me how loneliness converts into solitude. I still remember that story. I still keep reading those mails and find something new everytime!

      And I feel solitude is something which lets me silently introspect and find meaning to my life. I will definitely make it my strength. I have achieved clarity with my thoughts and now I feel like I have grown in some way. This makes me happy. One step towards being the Woman of Substance. Yayy! ☺☺

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