Letting Go

Let go, don’t hold it long,
Let go, make yourself strong.

Let go, relieve all the pain,
Let go, don’t weep again.

Let go, now heal the heart,
Let go, make a fresh start.

Let go, when things are strange,
Let go, and accept the change.

Let go, ’cause you ain’t weak,
Let go, let the silence speak.

Let go, just go with the flow,
Give yourself a chance to grow!

Β©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


39 thoughts on “Letting Go

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  1. Yes. Very nice poem Chandni.. We have to let go things not because we can’t keep them, because wisdom lies in letting go..

    We have to free ourselves of bondage. We have to give ourselves a chance to glow.. Nice.

    Good night.. :)

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