The untamed fire ignites,
Your soul set ablaze.
Burning down to the core,
Watch your heart incinerate!

Watch it melting away,
Away, into the fiery haze.
Till the last drop of emotion,
The vestiges of love desiccate!

Let it suffocate your soul,
Let it empty you within.
Let it wreck your heart,
Let it burn away every sin!

Let your love, your hate,
Your tears be the fuel.
Let your heart reduce to ashes,
And when it finally cools.

You’ll have a stoical heart,
Rock strong, and Stone hard.
Nothing could tear you down,
Nothing could rip you apart!
You’ll be the Ashen heart,
You’ll be the Ashen heart!

Β©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED