I completed reading this book about two months ago, and yesterday, I just found this incomplete draft, waiting to be completed, so here I am with my first ever Book Review!


TITLE: The Secret Garden
AUTHOR: Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden‘ is a beautiful story. It changed my life in a way. I read this book to find a companion during my bad times, I read this to divert my mind from all negativity, and this story seriously made me forget everything. For hours, I used to be so engrossed reading, this made me believe that Books are definitely our bestest friends. :)

The story is about a horrible natured, proudy girl, Mary Lennox. She is a thin, pale, ugly looking girl who comes to live at her Uncle’s mansion after Cholera breaks out and destroys her family. Initially, she is given a room to stay, she never goes out to play, but when her care-taker Martha tells her stories about the ‘Secret Garden’, and how her brother Dickon is an animal-charmer, Mary grows curious about plants and bushes and birds and Dickon!

The story starts getting interesting when one day, Mary finds the key to the Secret Garden which was hidden for as long as ten years! The most beautiful of scenes and descriptions in the book are of this beautiful Secret Garden. After keenly and deeply observing the garden, she starts working to make the dead roses come to life again. And that’s how the little rude girl starts changing into a sweet, fatter, healthier and more beautiful girl after working hours and hours in the garden. 

Eventually, she befriends Dickon, the animal-charmer who helps her grow the garden, the Robin who sings for her, and Colin, her cousin who she discovers one day while walking in the mansion. He is always on bed and under treatment cause he *thinks* he has a crooked back, but he’s able to stand on his feet, and even walk in the end!

The book is all about how birds and animals can relate to us and be our ‘Friends for sure’. It’s all about the magic of the secret garden that changes Mary and Colin totally. How Colin finds his way out of all superstitions and pretensions. How he overcomes his fear of death and of having a hunch-back and his so-called Destiny.

The one thing I love most about the story is the lively description of natural surroundings. That moment when Mary finally breaks into the Secret garden through the Ivy door. The moment her eyes try to imbibe all of the beauty, those flowers, trees, the birds, robin, squirrels and rose trees. It created a breathtakingly beautiful image. This brought me closer to appreciating the nature more and more. I never looked at nature that way!

The story is full of suspense. It is exciting to the very end. It left me turning those pages and reading more and more as to what will happen next. When Mary was left all alone, I wondered over her fate. When one day she heard the crying voices, that made me wonder who it might be. When she was in search of the key to the garden, I kept wondering if she’ll ever be able to find it!

To me, the characters feel very real. The way of writing is laudable. It brings out the words to life. Every little detail about the Secret Garden becomes visible to my eyes. The one thing I felt while reading was that it made me wonder if ‘Magic‘ actually exists. Is magic so powerful, that it can even heal wounds?

My most favourite inspirational lines which are said by Colin:

The sun is shining— the sun is shining. That is the Magic. The flowers are growing—the roots are stirring. That is the Magic. Being
alive is the Magic—being strong is the Magic. The Magic is in me—the Magic is in me. It is in me—it is in
me. It’s in every one of us.”

I totally love this book, it makes me believe in magic, in miracles. It makes me believe that it’s our thinking that makes all the difference, if we think we can do it, we definitely can! It makes be believe that if we change our thoughts, we most probably can change our life. Thankyou so much Mana Didi, for suggesting me this wonderful book, for always inspiring me, and always believing that I can be better. Thankyou, my Guiding Angel!

-Firefly 🌟