Everything around me,
Seems calm and silent.
You might confuse
Silence for cessation,
Yet I find it the warning,
For absolute destruction.
Oblivion persists,
My world turns still.
I know, it’s the calm before,
The most dangerous evil.

I long for the roaring clouds.
For those appalling storms,
To blow me away with them,
Let no sign of me remain.
I long for the brutal earth,
To engulf my very existence.
I long for the infernal rain,
To drench me, torment me,
Inch by inch with pain!

Some might find pain distressing,
I sure find it quite comforting.
I no longer long for peace,
Pain is the eternal comfort.
Turmoil is what I need,
Peaceful life’s just a myth.
My soul wants to annihilate,
And then vaporize into mist.
Every atom, every part of me,
Loves the joy that pain inflicts.
Yes, eternal happiness lies in,
The very Joy that pain inflicts!

©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED