Hii people, I recently finished reading the first two parts of the “SHIVA TRILOGY” by Amish Tripathi. For an amateur reader that I am, this book gives new heights to my reading experience. As it’s said that ‘Never judge a book by it’s Cover’, I came across these books lots of times in my college library. Yes, they definitely have very appealing covers, yet I never had the courage to pick up one considering the fact that it’s MYTHOLOGY! What do I do reading mythology? ๐Ÿ˜‘

But, few days back a blogger friend of mine suggested me to read them and hence I started with the first part, “The Immortals of Meluha”. To my surprise, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off reading the next page, and the next, and the next! It was so engaging. ๐Ÿ˜ป I never knew something like Mythological Fiction could interest me too!

The one thing that attracts me the most is the language. It’s very easy and understandable. Then, the writer Amish, he hasn’t just written the book, the has PORTRAYED it as well. As I read each line, each word, I can very well picture it in my head. It’s almost like I am right there riding the horse behind them sneaking into their conversations, like I am myself witnessing Lord Shiva’s throat turning iridescent blue! Like I am watching him dance with my own eyes, like I am myself imbibing the glorifying beauty of the temples of Lord Rudra!

It is so overwhelming when you can feel exactly how each of your character feels in the story. You get awed with the magnificent beauty, you have a surge of anger in your veins when Shiva comes to know about the Vikarma Law, you feel peaceful when Shiva finally marries Sati, you feel torn when Sati realises she has been cheated by her own father! It is all so clearly visible to my eyes, and it’s way way way better than watching a movie. This experience is inexplicable!

I wouldn’t say this book made me Religious, ’cause it was fictional anyways, yet it definitely succeeded to inspire me to the core. Specially Lord Shiva, the Neelkanth! I do believe in his legend. He is here to free us from the Evil. He is the God, we all are Gods. Har Har Mahadev! I just found answers to so many questions with this book! The way a common tribal man who has to keep fighting in order to even exist on earth, finds his way to being the Neelkanth, the destroyer of evil, the ultimate Mahadev! This thought is something which fascinates me deeply. I can relate my life to this thought.

I believe we are meant for some bigger purpose. What if I haven’t found a meaning to my life yet? What if I haven’t found an aim to look forward and work onto? What if I myself don’t believe in my strength? Maybe whatever is happening right now, the twists and turns I’m facing, the way every little thing is turning out, maybe all of it is meant for some bigger purpose, maybe there is something in the universe which has an unshakable belief on my strength, maybe they are looking forward to me, maybe they are watching me and at times helping me in gaining clarity towards my purpose, just like the Vasudevs helped Shiva at times? ๐Ÿ˜ป

I feel sooo happy to have read something deeply meaningful and inspiring. I would cherish this experience forever. A special thanks to my blogging friend, Shubham Kasera, for suggesting me this book and for always encouraging and supporting me. Thankyou very much. ๐Ÿ˜Š I would be glad if some of you would share your views on this book too!

Keep Shining! ๐ŸŒŸ