Hello dear bloggers! As I found people talking about their New Year Resolutions, I reflected upon a blog I wrote last year, where I noted down all that I wished to improve in 2016. If you wish to go through it, you may read it here

I remember how I wrote it with utter determination, but then everything faded away like it always does. 😂 Still, unknowingly, I succeeded in completing a lot of points on my list and I am soo happy that I achieved atleast a bit of it. I am my own worst critic, and hence if I talk about myself, I feel have have definitely improved in some way. I have made lots of mistakes which I remember distinctly, yet, I have taken a step in the right direction. My ultimate aim is being the ‘WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE ” and I am happy that I am walking in the right direction! 

This year wasn’t a ‘RollerCoaster Ride’ like the last one, it was more like a ‘Chocolate Brownie 2k16’. This year was by far the best and the sweetest year of my entire life. Though, there have also been lotttts of breakdowns like never before, yet I am soo soo happy, I have experienced true happiness and true love this year!

This year, I have been blessed with friends, if someone would’ve told me before that I’ll actually have FRIENDS someday, I wouldn’t have believed it at all. 😂 But, I found the most wonderful companions, the bestest people, the sweetest people, people who love me, people who understand me! I’ve never had these kind of people ever before. ☺ Thankyouuuu all for being an unforgettable and beautiful part of my life. I love you nine thousand nine! ❤

Then coming to my Resolutions 2k16, there was this first point on my list, “Study more”. Which, unfortunately, I am unable to achieve. Those who belong to my age group will agree, real study always happens 15 days prior to semesters. And whatever efforts we make, we are unable to help it. (Hence, I won’t write this point in the next year’s resoultions 😂)

The next one was to read more and write more. That I definitely have achieved. I have written 100+ blogs this year and finally, I have developed an interest in reading too, all thanks to Mana didi, Shreya and Sumit Sir. They are the people responsible for this beautiful reading habit of mine. ☺

Then, I distinctly remember how I used to write extraaa looong blogs to abuse some blogger here. How I mentioned every little intricate detail and humiliate them. I used to give it all back as a revenge. Huh, but I did stop it this year. I did not post anything controversial. I’ve become a Positive Firefly now! 😹

Then, I resolved to stand firm on my principles and be more positive. And, I am so proud of myself, I have done this quite a few times this year. I know I resolved one more thing, still, I will treat myself with Samosa and Uncle Chips for this. Proud of you, Firefly. 😊

Then, there were lotssss of points which I failed to accomplish badly, like being more polite to people (I have been really rude to some, I am sorry for that!), to be less active on social media, to have a control over my emotions (I performed REAL BAD in this field. I will improve for sure), to be more mature, to understand people, to learn from my mistakes, to not irritate people (😂😂’ve got no words, I’ve done this more times that I can count!) and there are many many many more. Yet, I feel proud, I have come out as a better person than I was last year. I am sooo happy for myself. ☺

I hope all of you had a beautiful experience of 2016. Would love to discuss in the comments section. Thankyou! 😊

-Firefly 🌟