I am an Introvert!


“Tu itna chup chup kyun rehti hai?”

“Tu kuch bolti kyun nahi?”

“Thoda open up hua kar, logon se interact kiya kar.”

“Tu itni sad kyun rehti hai? Koi problem hai toh bata na.”

I am so fed up of these regular comments from people. Really. I do not understand why an ‘Extrovert’ is the ideal person today. And if you ain’t any extrovert, then maybe you’re faulty. Why? What’s our fault? When we do not have a problem with your interactive nature, yes, cause that is your NATURE. Similarly, we keep things to ourselves, that is our NATURE. Why doesn’t the world get such a simple fact?

Dear world,
Please do not ask me to be more social and interactive. Do not tell me what people think about me. Do not feel I don’t talk to you because I have a big Ego. I might have a bit of it, but it isn’t why I do not interact. It’s because my only preference is solitude. Leave me alone for a day (or maybe days) and I’ll be happy being by myself, rather than spending 15 minutes with some unknown yet friendly faces whom I have no particular problem with, yet I have no wish to interact.

I guess 15 minutes beautiful talk with a trusted person is the amount of social interaction enough for me. I invest time in people close to me. I seek depth in conversations. Please do not force me to change, cause I won’t. I am happy with myself. I am happy sitting by the back bench, near the window, scribbling into those pages. Do not misinterpret me for a lone depressed soul, cause you won’t believe I am the happiest. Atleast when I need someone I always have myself by my side. So, Dear World, please stop lamenting over us. We are happier than you can ever imagine. ☺

-Firefly (An introvert and Happy to be One!☺)


44 thoughts on “I am an Introvert!

  1. You know what? You gotta be yourself shamelessly! For that you are not answerable to anyone. You don’t need to write a letter explaining yourself! One has to free oneself from the tags. Who told you that you are introvert? Or anything else? If nobody did, then at least you shouldn’t tag yourself. You are you. Unabashedly you. And no other tags or no other adjectives.

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    1. I agree dii. But why do they make me feel like there’s something wrong with me. Like I am at fault. Why do they not understand that no two people are alike! People have their preferences and it should be respected. That’s it. Thankyou for your views dii. ☺☺


    2. They make you feel so and so because you allow them to. Why does it make any difference to you whether they understand it or not? Don’t give it a damn. And things will stop bothering you. If you’d even be an extrovert, fault finding people will still find some other fault in you. Haha…Its only yourself you gotta please. Then other will be too.

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  2. Miss Moonlight is back with a post…yayyy!! December seems to be the month..so many bloggers have made it back from their long slumber…others have started posting after ages while still others have decided their blogs need a new design and suddenly everything looks different.
    December rox!

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    1. Bunnnnyy!! Hellllo! 😻
      I am good, aap kaise ho? It’s been sooooo long, where were you?! πŸ™„

      And thankyou soo much, you stay blessed too, and stay on the blog too. πŸ˜’

      And btw, I saw you posted something. I’ll read it abiii. ☺

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    2. hey, i am good too :) and happy now as i am back on blog :p.. yeah i was off for quite a long time. actually I was not willing to write anything , even was not in the mood to read or comment, that’s why i disappeared. Thanks for your words :) I will try to stay longer now ;) :D
      do read my post and let me know your views ^_^ ( P.S. my post is not so good :p )

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    3. Do you want me to make fake promise ? 😭😭

      Its not even in my control 😩.. but i will try my best to avoid such situations which makes me to do weird acts like disappear… This is a friend’s promise if you can believe 😊

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    4. Huh, aap kaam hi aise kar rahe ho. πŸ™ Achha theek hai, abi you should tell me if anything happens. Aur hum aise nai karte welcome. 😹 I read your post, abi comment karti mai, then see my welcome there. πŸ˜›πŸ˜»

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    5. Hehe now you too know na how big kachra bunny is πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

      Thanks for understanding 😊… But i am afraid you wont find good words to say after reading my post 😷… Full of negativity 😜

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  3. I so agree with you Chandni!
    It’s not how long we talk, it’s how deep we talk. It’s not how many we talk with, it’s how much we talk with few. Quality has to be over quantity. The earlier you realize, the better.
    Well-expressed. :)

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