An Unforgettable Experience

As I have my Maths exam day after tomorrow, and as you all know, I LOVE TO BLOG DURING EXAMS. 😂 I am here with a horrible experience I had last semester. I’m glad I am not in that condition this time. Read on and maybe some of you could relate yourself here. 😹

I gave my Second semester exams this June. It was my Maths paper that day, I distinctly remember my state of mind that morning. It was 9:00 A.M. and the exam was starting from 3:00 P.M. I was studying, and there was a moment I just broke down. This happened for the first time in my life.

Tears were gushing down my cheeks like a flood, I was so terrified as to what was going to happen of me. As I was trying to solve the questions, I wasn’t able to get even one of them right, I wasn’t able to do anything. Moreover, I had only prepared about three units from the five. This kind of risk! I really couldn’t believe I could be so unprepared for something like a MATHS EXAM! 😨

And I was unable to get over that fear, there was only one sentence continuously going on in my head, “I’m gonna fail, I’m gonna have an ATKT in Maths!” Somehow, I controlled myself and got ready, the journey from the bus to the college was an embarrassing one. Students were reciting all kinds of formulae and even asking others, “Tune ye question kiya, ye kiya, wo kiya?” I sat silently by the window, appearing cool and calm, but suppressing that horrible fear inside. 😬

As I went to the exam hall, I was still really nervous. The paper was such a mess, I still couldn’t get any answer correctly. I tried and tried, as I say, the Magic never happens to me, so I wrote just whatever I knew about the question, the formulae and everything. And my paper ended about one hour earlier. 😑 As I left the exam room, the first thing I did was to call my mom and tell her I’m gonna fail and that I performed really bad. She was shocked yet she consoled me, she told me to have something to eat, and then I was a little relieved after that. 

Since that day, I was silently praying each day that I just pass in that paper anyhow, I knew I had no chances, still. Some part of me wanted all the supernatural forces to work on to get me out of this situation. And moreover, it would be such a shame to face people after getting an ATKT in a subject that your Mom teaches! She is the Maths Queen. You ought to be a master in that subject too, huh! 😑

Then, some nights, I used to get bad dreams about failing, and how when I would load the DAVV site, I would find ATKT written infront of ny name. Ohh Godd! That was scary. 😬 And how all of my friends and relatives would be so ashamed of me, and they woud be like, “B.Sc. is such a simple course and you failed in that too! How sad.”

One day, last month, I got a call from my friend, and she told me that the results were out. I literally froze, and grew stone cold. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. How could they declare the results without a warning huh! I asked her, “Kya hua apna?”. And then she spoke that we both had passed. And that was suchhhh an amaaaazing moment for me! 😻

OMG! I still remember how happy I was, and my Mom was like, “You’ve just passed on boundary in Maths”. And others were like, “You just scored 63%” But they didn’t know howwww relieved I was! They would never understand my happiness, my worst fear had not come true afterall! That incident made me believe that God actually exists somewhere. 😻

That’s it for today. See you people, keep Studying, keep Shining! ☺☺

– Firefly 🌟


11 thoughts on “An Unforgettable Experience

    1. Yes yes…
      Last year…
      It was my first semester exam…
      I was ill. And next day I had paper of history of architecture ..
      I couldn’t study for exam. N didn’t want to give too. Still I went….
      I was blank…. Nothing was coming out of my mind…
      BT I wrote whatever was coming out…

      And when the result came…I was shocked! I was pass in history on boundary…😂😂😂
      It was unexpected…
      And the overall result was that I topped my CLS..😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. OMG! 😂 Wowww, hilarious! Huh, without studying you topped the class! 😹 What an amazing feeling that would’ve been. 😻
      Thankyou for sharing your story, Arti, it’s so awesome! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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