I am an empty canvas,
Longing for the Magic to
Paint me with wild colors.
Brush a few master strokes,
And carve a vivid story on me.

I am an unfathomable void,
A speck of particle in vain.
Longing for the Magic,
To enlighten my spirit,
To kindle me with passion.

I am a lifeless ocean,
In a state of dormancy.
Unruffled, undisturbed,
Longing for the magic to,
Cause wild ripples unto me.

I am a heartless soul,
A ruthless, cold writer.
Longing for the Magic,
To ignite the hidden flame,
To overwhelm me with emotion.

I am an isolated desert,
Desolate and scorching!
Longing for the Magic,
To pour sense into me,
To drench me with life!

I am a lone traveler,
A silent observer.
Longing for the Magic,
To walk beside me,
To speak through me.

I am an incessant flaw,
A faded spirit, ebbing away.
Longing for the Magic to,
Sprinkle some stardust upon me,
And turn me into perfection!

Β©2016 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED