The Writer Fox!

Hello people, Firefly’s back again! Huh, as soon as the exams end, one can observe all kinds of hilarious and beautiful things around! The same goes for me. 😂 This is about yesterday. There’s this friend of mine, Shubham Sir, he is a Graphic Designer! 😻 The picture and the poem credit goes to him. He is an amazing writer. ☺☺ Do check out his blog, here!

He posted something on Instagram and he wanted us to read ‘between the lines’ and decode the story. Have a look, and if you can make a story out of it, do share it with us in the comments section. 😃


When I looked at the picture, I didn’t understand if it is a Squirrel or a Rat or a Fox! But I must admit, it looks really cute, no? ❤ Just after I looked at it, my mind started making different stories, I mean, just look into it’s eyes, they’re so intense, and dark, it looks so sad! God knows what it might’ve been through. 😔 And hence, I texted him My interpretation of that picture:

Me: The latest post you shared here, that little animal, I don’t know it’s a rat or a squirrel or a fox 😂 But his eyes speak a lot 😻 It’s like he looks far away into the distance, he is searching for his love to return. The leaves are falling, it’s summer at it’s best. He thinks that she might be back with the first shower of rain! ❤

And he looks kind of sad and depressed, those beautiful rings, I think he was going to get engaged, and just before that, his girl walked off, she is walking away, and he keeps on looking with sad eyes fixed at her until she fades away into the distance. 😔

He: Amazing! 👏👏👏

Me: Yayyy! 😂😂 Waise what is he actually thinking?

He: He knows! 😂😂

Me: You made him, he’s your character. Hume bataiye what is he thinking? 

He: Haha! 😂 Okay, listen. Wo soch raha hai ki…

Me: Kiiii..??

*And then what he wrote next mesmerized me! ☺*


Alfaazo ki kahaniyo ke kisse to bahut padhe maine,
Kabhi khudki kahani nahi banayi…
Khamoshi me to bahut baitha hu main…
Kabhi khamoshiyo ko taakat nahi dikhai…
Suna hai taaro ki timtimhat ko,
Par kabhi unhe roshni ki awaaz nahi sunaai…
Aakhir aaj baitha hu to yuh hi sab soch lu…
Chahe to kuch kar lu chahe to kuch yuh hi likh lu…
Main hu nahi ek insaan to kya,
Meri soch ki koi seema nahi…
Aaj baitha hu kisi ki kahaniyo ke sath,
To kuch kisse me kuch kahaniya simet lu,
Dekh in udti hui pattiyo ko mai,
Aaj khudme hi ek udaan bhar lu!

Me: Eeeeee!!! How beautiful these lines are! He wants to fly! I like this fox/squirrel/rat soooo much. Even animals can think, even they have feelings and dreams. ☺☺

He: These were not the feelings of the Fox, these were my feelings. The Fox cannot write. 😂😂

Me: Naa, credit nai lo, he’s The Writer Fox! 😻😂

And this way, we found the Writer Fox! He writes sooo beautifully, no? We wish to read more from him in the future. All the Best, Mr Writer Fox! 😹😹 And he would definitely love to know what you all thought of his picture. ☺

Keep Shining.
-Firefly 🤓

34 thoughts on “The Writer Fox!

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  1. wow amazing😀 , you both explained the scene very creatively through your imaginations :))

    But please forgive me in advance as i am going to give it a twist😛 lol may be a weird one ha ha, don’t kill me after reading this😉

    So this fox/squirrel/rat/alien is observing the things around it, and what he is thinking, is written below :😛

    ये दो अंगूठियाँ हैं या फिर बालियाँ किसी के कान की,
    लग रही हैं मुझे ये chineze, न कहना जापान की,, !! 😛

    भला हो आर्टिस्ट का, जिसने हाथ ही मेरे बनाये नहीं हैं,
    और कान सर पे खड़े जैसे जिओ के सारे टावर्स यहीं हैं,, !!

    ये हवा में गिरते पड़ते पत्ते मेरे कानों जैसे क्यूँ लग रहे हैं,
    इन भारी बालियों के बोझ से शायद टूट कर गिर रहे हैं, !! :O

    माना तोहफे लेना देना रीत है और फैशन का ज़माना है,
    पर दूर ही रखो मुझे इनसे, मुझे अपने कानों को बचाना है,, !!😀


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    1. OMG! OMG! Bunnnnny!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Hats off to your creativity! 😻😻😻👏👏
      I cannot stop laughing over every sentence of your poem, OMG 😹😹
      And that one, Artist ne mere haath nai banaye, huhh. 😂
      Aur kaan udd rahe hawa me? You are soo awesome Bunnny. 😻 Kitnni funnny poem banayi aapne toh, I love this. 😹😹 You are soo gifted huh, there are no boundations for your imagination, you think out of the box, I love that. ☺☺👍
      Shubham Sir will love this story! 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. you know , your exceptional style of praising me makes my ordinary work so special :D and that is the best things you do to me :) , thanks seems always smaller for your so sweet words <3… Lots of love to you :)

      and I hope, Shubham sir didnt mind that i made a funny poem on his creative work :P

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Oooohh! Did I? 😂😂
      You deserve more and more taareefein, okay? Specially for your amazing designs and your sweet blogs. ☺☺
      And yayy! I am glad you gave life to that cute fox, usko bolo aur likhne ko. We’ll feature him here. 🤓
      And yes, I only have few beautiful friends, why not make them feel ‘love’ly this year? 😂☺☺

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  2. Nice post Chandni and Bunny too rocks!!
    May b this rat cum all creature is doing cello pen’s add and saying
    Kitna Sundar banaya mujhko
    Cello hi Tum use karo
    Sath mai Shubham sir ki rings free mai lo.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thankyou soo much, Neha. Yess, Bunny is the bestest! ☺☺
      And Rat cum all creature! Wowww 😂😂 I lovve that description!! 😹 Cello pen ka add, OMG!! What a storyyyy 😻😂😂 Soo awesome, Nehaaa!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I actually understand that Shubham.
      Don’t mind ,it was just in response to chandni’s post and when it comes to rings I understand they must be precious to you and I whole heartdly respect your feel.
      Stay happy and have a nice day.

      Liked by 2 people

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