The FLASH is here!

Hello people, how have you all been? I hope you all are doing good cause I have been superrrrr amazed and thrillled! ☺ Few days back, everything was just so messed up, but everything turned happy! Do you know how? ‘Cause then, came the FLASH! ⚡ The one that made me fall in love, the one who won my heart. He’s the Flash. 😻


You might be wondering who this Flash is. Actually, it is a series I have been watching since the last few days. It is a science fiction which wins my heart over and over again with every next episode. I applaud the writer of this story, cause all the theories and stuff seems soo believable, so convincing. I am in awe, totally. 😻

So, there’s this guy, Barry Allen, who is a Forensic Scientist. When he was a kid, he saw his mother being killed by a Yellow lightening and his father was sent to prison for her murder, but he was indeed innocent. All his life, he has only one aim, to bring his dad out of the jail, and to find the one who killed his mom.


Then, there is this scientist, Dr Harrison Wells, who has been working to create the Particle Accelerator. The night they launch it, everything changes in Central City. It suddenly explodes and soo many people, including Barry, are struck by that lightening.

After he is out of the coma, he realises that he can run reallly reallly fast. Dr Wells with the other scientists help him control his speed and he becomes a SuperHero, helping people out of troubles. He becomes the FLASH! 😻


Then, they all figure out that there are many others too who got powers that day. They call them ‘Meta Humans’ and Barry helps to hunt them all. They encounter soo many ammmmazing meta humans, some could replicate themselves, some could turn into poisonous gas, some could turn into sand, some could control the weather, some could teleport, some could become a human-bomb and explode. That was fascinating. 😻😻

Then, when Barry figures out that the Man in the Yellow suit, who killed his mom, was actually Dr Wells. And that he is from the future. 😨 At that point, it is soooo heated up, one can feel the suspense in the air. I won’t reveal much. 🤐


The bestest part of the series is the super awesome concept, how can one even imagine to travel back in time? But, Barry succeeds. To save the city from a Tsunami, he runs soo fast, sooo fast, that he actually opens up a wormhole in mid air, and when he jumps into it, whhhhoa! He is one day back in time. 😨 OMG! I was seriously amazed.


The second bestest part is the FIRESTORM. It’s almost like the Ghost Rider, when Professor Stein and Ronnie merge together and activate the Firestorm Matrix. That is seriously something to watch. 😃


I know, out of my excitement, I haven’t been able to express the actually joy and thrill of watching this series, but I hope you all will understand. 😂 And I won’t reveal everything to spoil the charm of this story. Eveyone who’s got time (and a good internet 🤓) should watch it once. You can download it here. And, you wouldn’t regret at all. That’s my FIREFLY PROMISE. One can’t just forget this guy. He is tooo cute and he is toooo fast. 🤓 I feel like I’m being sooo influenced by fictional characters lately, it just feels so real. I wasn’t able to sleep last night just cause I was afraid Captain Cold will freeze me with his Cold gun. Literally! Huh!😹

Anyways, see ya! Keep watching and keep shining, and keep bearing Firefly’s silly posts as always. 😹
Thankyouu! ☺

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    1. Hello Karan! Definitely, Flash is the bestest. ❤
      And, hehe, was I missed? Happy to hear that. 🤓 I am super fine now. And now that I’ve noticed you wrote sooo many posts, those love story ones, I’m going to read all of them very very soon. Just wait and watch. 😛😂

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  1. Wow..superbbbbbb 😀😀😀 and I am feeling bad that I didn’t know about this superhero before 😝😝 .. the way you described the series, it doubled my interest to watch this as soon as possible 😻😻😻… And I was thinking to buy any dvds (if available) of your superhero Flash from any flash sale available online 😂😂, but my goodness 🤓🤓 you gave the link to download 😇😇..

    Thank you for introducing this superhero to us 🙂😁😁 we can rely on one more fictional superhero to save the world 😻😻😁😁

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    1. Yayyyyy! Hum jeet gaye, you didn’t know of THE FLASH! 🤓
      And yesss, you should watch it huh. You will love this soo much, even more than Iron Man maybe. 😻
      I am soo soo happy reading your super amazing comment, shukriyaa, Bunny! 😇💙

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    2. Now toh I have to see it for sure as it’s my captain’s recommendation 😻😻… But I am afraid, as you told he is so fast, may be I could miss his appearance on screen because of my laziness 😹😹 (pj again) 😝😝.
      And no need to say shukriya for comment because I was desperately waiting for this post. 😻😸

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    3. Mumma is sleeping now 😝😝 .can’t take the risk to wake her up for my stupid acts 😂😂.. btw she is mother of all 3 of us 😄😄, bunny, joker and shayar 😁😁.. just imagine how much she has to do to manage all of her spoiled kids 😋😋

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    4. We know that shayar is innocent, but we most of times blames him in front of mumma for our mistakes 😂😂😂.. and he too never oppose but just take the scolding on him 😁😁..really nice he is 😝😝..just like the shield of Captain America which saves us from everything 😻😻..Ooooo and you always say Shukriya Bunny with a heart smiley 🤔🤔..and now you say you don’t know him 🤓🤓🤓… What’s going on captain 😂😂😂

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    5. Ooooo! Don’t take advantage of the innocent Mr Shayar. 🙄 And yes, he protects you all. Aapko bhi uske liye kuch karna chaiye, not just take him for granted. 🙄

      And, I thought Bunny is the combination of Mr Joker and Mr Shayar. The balance between them. ☺ But now you said ki he is the third guy. Huh, no hearts ab se. He is someone else, hum nai jaante unko. 😨🤐

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    6. I know we should do something for him, but trust me nothing makes him happy and the one who can do so, is not here 😮😮😮… Now if I say anything more about it, he will kill me 🤐🤐..

      And yeah you are right bunny is combo of both of us 😁😁😁… He was the first one who talked to you and still he manages both of us to maintain our tags 😂😂😂..nahi toh sometimes in start, I used to go in shayar zone and same shayar in joker zone 😂😂😂… Too much complications and too much fun 😝😸😹

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    7. Aww, I understand. Hum us topic par nai jaa rahe fir. Still, we’ll try to make him smile. ☺

      Ohhh, he’s the Manager. 😂 Mr Bunny! ❤😛 You should be a superhuman too, the way you handle so many personalities inside you, huh! 😂😻

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    8. Over to shayar :

      I don’t ask for anything from anyone so easily, but only if I trust that It won’t get rejected 😊…but any how, I can’t force you na, take care.. stay happy 😊

      Over to joker !

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    1. Hey no problem (LOVE THE FLASH, it’s an obsession), sorry for my late response…I just got WordPress and am still working out it’s mechanics. I was curious do you have any tips for getting blog publicity?

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    2. Yayy, we all love the Flash! ☺☺ And for publicity, you might follow people with similar interests, invite them to visit your blog (which I’m going to do for sure, I saw some amazing posts about Flash on your blog 😃). Also, share your post links on social media to gain traffic. Hope that helps. 😅


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