I died in my dream!

Hello friends, this year I have planned to write A LOT. Be it about stupid things, I will no longer resist or contain myself, I am going to write everything that I wish to. This is the 10th post in 2017, yayyy.  you’re going to read more from Firefly this year! ☺

So, you know, I love sleeping tooo much, who doesn’t? 😂 This is about yesterday night and about almost every other night. I always go to sleep happily and peacefully, but wake up terrrrrified! 😨

Yesterday night, I died in my dream! 😲 OMG, that was the scariest dream, the earth was splitting up into half. The ground was sinking and so was my home. Everyone was scared to death. 😱

When I looked out of the window, I saw the far off buildings falling upon each other like the Domino game. 😵 Then there was an explosion, much like the Particle Accelerator explosion in The Flash. My heart literally stopped beating. 😬

I was sure I am going to die today. The ground was shaking so bad, it was the worst earthquake kind of thing, soon everything would break down to dust. 😳 And then.. and then.. then I woke up! 😂😂

I don’t understand why I am always dying in my dreams. A few days back, I dreamt that I accidenally disappeared to some far off place, and when I magically appeared into my home, I found ladies in white sarees sitting around a framed picture with flowers spread around and weeping! 😢 And when I took a glance at this picture, I couldn’t believe! 😱😱 It was meeeeee!! 😨 I was attending my own death, it was unbelievable. 😂😂

And once I died while fighting an evil monster. He was a giant, and I did not know where to hide, so I climbed up on my almira and when he came finding me, I pierced his hand with a fork, I kept stabbing it on his hand like it was a sword! Finally when he was about to die, he woke up, he attacked, and before I could die, I woke up! 😂😂

And once, I was stalked by a giant dinosaur-like-snake, as the one in Harry Potter’s first part. 😵 He was running behind me, he was furious. Then I reached my home, running as fast as I could. And I locked him up in my bedroom. And poor dear Dino-snake, before he could break the walls and come to eat me up, I woke up. Yayyyy!! 😂😂

If any of you know some Dream-decoder scientist, do let me know if there’s some meaning of dying in dreams. Am I really going to die or what? 😳😂 Haha, I am sure all of you must be having similar horrible and interesting dreams. Would love to know about them. 😂 Do share in the comments section.

Keep Shining,
-Firefly. ☺


14 thoughts on “I died in my dream!

  1. मरने के सपनें देखना बड़ा आसान होता है यारो.!
    काश पीछे वालों के हाल देखना आसान होता प्यारो.!!


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