I stared into the mirror,
And found a girl behind.
Standing there frozen,
Hideous, gross, unkind.

With the eyes of a stranger,
Peeking into my life’s book.
The darkness of the room,
Gave her a ghastly look.

I wanted to run away,
From those mystic eyes.
Searching through me,
They got me terrified.

The moment our eyes met,
I felt a sudden spark,
I saw through her soul,
Her fears, her scars!

The darkness of her soul,
Was darker than the night.
Her dusky eyes revealed,
All she managed to hide.

Sinking into her dark eyes,
My lips curved a slight.
She returned a warm smile,
I spoke to her, eyes into eyes.

Dear girl in the mirror,
You’re beautiful, yes, you!
All mistakes you’ve ever made,
Fail to lessen my belief in you.

So, believe in your strength,
And work for your dreams.
People fall, and get back up,
Life isn’t as bad as it seems.

Tears of joy started,
Rolling down her face.
Oh, I felt that warmth,
Like a soft, soft embrace.

Parting her with all my love,
I sent her a sweet flying kiss.
We smiled and we laughed,
Our love was eternal bliss.

Today, I felt like a girl,
I felt complete and free.
Today, I felt beautiful,
I felt love, I found Me! ☺

A bigg biggg thankyou to a SuperCute Friend of mine. 😻😻 Thankyou for helping me out when I was low, for making me laugh like idiots. πŸ˜‚ You are a sweetheart! Lots of love. πŸ’™

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