I just came across a poem that I wrote when I was in 10th standard. It’s been four years to it, but this poem still makes me cry everytime I read it. 😂 I wrote this in utter frustration with the world and its people. This always makes me feel like the ugly reality, the naked truth of my life is presented before me. 😂 Go on, read it. This girl, she hides everything from everyone, but the truth finally reflects on those letters scribbled in her notebook. 💙

Lonely, I’m lonely!

One may see me surrounded by friends,
One may say many friends I own.
But the fact for real, is actually that,
I’m alone, I’m really alone.

At the times when I need someone,
I look back to realize that there’s none.
Walkin’ by the roads, I’ve no one to talk,
Lonely, I’m lonely in the silent roadside walk.

In this long-long journey called LIFE,
I’ve got nothin’ to do but strive.
To have a ‘SO CALLED FRIEND’ of my own,
And then watch them leaving me alone.

I don’t know why this always happens with me,
There is nobody who can actually understand me.
Can’t figure out if it’s their fault or mine,
But it always just ends with me foolishly cryin’.

What are best friends, I don’t actually know,
Lonely, I’m lonely, I really feel so.
Friends only leave my hand, let me fall down the stairs,
It’s the same with life, no one actually cares.

Today I realise, that a friend in life is a must,
But rarely find someone who’s worthy of my trust.
I’m getting isolated, waitin’ for my call,
Lonely, I’m lonely, with no company at all.

Searching the one who’ll always hold my hand,
Whatever be the situation, who’ll always understand.
Someone who’ll care, who’ll feel my pain,
Lonely, I won’t be ever again.

Who’ll smile when I smile, cry when I cry,
In every problem of mine, who’ll strongly stand by.
Who’ll be there to cheer me, whenever I’m low,
Lonely, who’ll never make me feel so.

Who’ll never let me drop even a single tear,
Who’ll be really special, a friend very dear.
This crazy silence is badly killin’ me,
But I know, someone’ll come for fulfillin’ me.

I’ll surely find the one, my TRUE FRIEND FOREVER,
“Lonely, I’m lonely”, I’ll never feel ever.
“Lonely, I’m lonely”, never again forever! 💙

Hehe, afterall, Tiny Firefly felt the same. She understood me perfectly. 😻 Our feelings didn’t change in these few years. I might really love solitude, but yes, sometimes even I feel the need for a friend who could understand ☺, even I feel the piercing pain of loneliness sometimes. I wish I could have such a friend who would just accept me with my behaviour. ❤☺

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