Today evening, 7 P.M., I woke up with a sudden realisation. No, I ain’t a Pro to state this, but I guess dreams are mostly a part of what we see, hear and feel. When things affect our mind, they stay there and when we sleep, all of that information gets mingled up and is presented to us in odd combinations, which makes us overwhelmed. 

Talking about myself, the dreams that I see, are all somehow related to things that I’ve seen, heard, felt, loved, and feared. They just form different combinations and appear before me. Today, I dreamt that I was some prisoner and I was locked in some jail, I was trying to escape, someone was trying to kill me. At one point, I realised I need to wake up. For about three times, I tried to wake up, but something, some force pulled me inside again. And even after I opened my eyes, looked here and there, and closed them again, the same dream setup was playing.

I don’t know what this is, maybe I’ve had an overdose of TV series, it is really getting on my nerves now. Since December, I’ve been crazy over it, and have been watching a few of them. Surprisingly, everything that happens to the characters, affects me in some way. When Sherlock jumped off the building and (almost) died, that affected me, When Scott turned into a horrid wolf it was really frightening. Then all the brutal killing and murders in the movies recently, it just takes control of my mind. The more I try to resist watching them, the more I end up sticking to them. 

Also, I don’t know why I decided to read this book ‘The fault in our Stars’, it is an amazing book, yet it is the one reason for all the depressing thoughts since the last few weeks. One should read it, but when one is sure to bear the heartache that it brings. I wish I hadn’t read it. I read some other books too, but I just can’t help remembering the depressing points more. They just hit me hard. Sometimes I feel like Sherlock’s Mind Palace is actually real, I keep feeling like that in my dreams.

I have started feeling like the world I’m living in isn’t real anymore, it’s all a myth, a mystery, a dream. This idea comes from the movie ‘Inception’. I just mean that for me, movies and books and even life ain’t something so normal, like I feel and then forget! It’s unimaginably complex, once I feel something, I cannot get it out of my head for years to come.

I feel like my mind is becoming more of a remote control these days, it sits up there, records stuff and replays it in my sleep. I don’t know what joy does it get doing that. I just wish to walk out of this mystery world of mine, it’s ruining almost everything in life.