Log kya Sochenge?


These three words, they look very normal at first, but have the power to destroy anything and everything we can think of, and most importantly, ourselves! One cannot just remember how this thought starts to take possession of them, it happens subconsciously. Slowly, it starts affecting every day-to-day life decision that we make. Whenever we come across an opportunity, the first thought that crosses our mind is, ‘Log kya sochenge’!

Think of the innumerous times you’ve restricted yourself from doing the things you wanted to do, things that you really loved, things that made you happy and contented. For me, half of my writing remained unpublished, half of my feelings remained unfelt, half of my thoughts remained unthought, half of my life remained unlived! These three words, they’re like termites, they eat you up from the inside. While you look completely normal externally, your soul is brutally bitten away!

The fear that this one thought has cast upon us is so unimaginably strong, remember when you agreed to bunk just for the fear of not being a part of the group? Just for them to not call you a baby? Remember when you reluctantly pushed yourself into that tight dress, just for the sake of people! Remember when you agreed to drink when you didn’t want to? Remember making a boyfriend just so your friends accept you in the gang? Remember sacrificing all your comforts for people? Remember living by their standards?

I mean, how did we assume by ourselves that our friends won’t accept us if we show them our real side? How did we assume that they won’t like us that way? Why did we not stand up for what we felt was right? Why give people so much importance that they start to overpower our lives? Why allow them to eat up our dreams, desires, our spirits? 

And when we think of ‘Log kya sochenge’, who are these ‘log’ by the way? Can we name some of them? Why are we so scared of them? Because they criticize us? Do they come to admire us when we achieve things? No? They still find faults in the little good that we do. In a way, we can never please them. They would never appreciate us, no matter how hard we try. So be it! If whatever we do, does not shut them, then why not just close our ears to what they speak.

Be unaffected to whatever they think of you, what matters is what You think of you.

For once, give importance to yourself, your likes, your dreams, your aspirations. Just like a little kid doesn’t care of the world, she wears whatever she feels comfortable, she doesn’t hide feelings, she smiles a real, bright, loving smile, she wails and wakes up the house, she dances carelessly, she makes silly mistakes and laughs at them, she displays affection so tenderly, she lives carefree, she doesn’t care who’s watching, she just keeps crawling, and walking, and falling! She is real, and beautiful!

For once, let our heart speak and let us listen to it, uninterrupted. Let’s not hand someone else the remote control of our life, let us love ourselves infinitely. Let us open our palms to catch the drops of love pouring onto us! Let us dance in the rain, let us be kids once again. 💙

-Firefly 🤓


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  1. Yayy!! That’s like my Chandni!! So from now, give the shot to your thoughts that remained unthought, publish your writings that remained unpublished and forget the world. Live your own spirit. Once you determine yourself to be carefree, you will stop thinking of “char log kya kahenge”..
    Great post!! 😊😇 loved it.

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    1. Yayyyy, thankyou sooo much Shreya! 😻😻 I am so happy to know that you like it. ☺❤

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  2. Aise post sis mat dalo log kya kahenge .???😂

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    1. Thankyou! 😇 Aur log toh kehte rahenge huh, logo ka kaam hai kehnaa! 😂🤓


  3. Great post, Chandni. Well written! It’s a constant feeling that weighs us down and keep us from our dreams, likes, needs, etc. I can relate to the unpublished part. Sometimes you just don’t feel like pressing the publish button!

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    1. Hii Shweta! 😃 Thankyou so much. And yes, log kya sochenge ke chakkar me we don’t even post things that we wish to. 🙄 Let’s forget all of them and publish the unpublished, what say? 😻😻

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    2. Yep. Here’s to drowning out the thoughts that hold us back and publishing whatever we like when we feel like it. 😉😊

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    3. Yayy, exactly. 😇 Thankyou Shweta. 💙

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  4. rajni asnani says:

    Dont worry about anything only just be you and do what you like to do.Enjoy each and every moment of life .keep writing always.Thoughts are very powerful and can change the world .

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    1. Thankyou Maa. I will remember all that you said. You’ll be proud of your daughter one day. 😇💙

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  5. Ankita Kumari says:

    Nice & True one :) Very powerful thoughts & spirit ;) keep going !!!

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    1. Thankyou very much! 😇 Glad you liked it. 💙


  6. Ravi j says:

    Yeah, do not be a football of other people’s opinion . Like they say opinions are like belly buttons everyone has on

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    1. Very correct Mama. Whatever we might do, they’d alwayss have that ‘belly-button’ 😹 Thankyou for your words. 😃😇


  7. Rohit Nag says:

    “Kuch to log kahenge , logo ka kaam h kahna”……. very nicely written post with truth of life. The way you questioned and most importantly the way you ended your post is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good (word nhi mil rahe the to “too” ko hi bada kr dia so that u can understand how much i love <3 this post ;) ) keep writing dear , and keep following yoyr dreams :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwww!! I am sooooo happy after reading your comment! 😻😃😃 Happy that you loved my post, and I understand your ‘toooo much’ 😂😂😂 huh, copy cat. 😹
      Thankyouu for your lovely wishes, you keep writing too, Rohit! 💙

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