Teen Wolf!


Hello guys, Firefly’s back! You know I’ve been watching this suuuuuper amazing series ‘Teen Wolf’ since the last few days. 😻 There’s this guy, Scott McCall who turns into a Werewolf! 😨 It is full of adventures and suspense. Scott succeeds to inspire me totally. 😇 Today, while I had a free lecture, I decided to write a poem on this show. Have a look! ❤


A normal teen he was,
Cheerful, loving, kind. 
The gift of a bite,
Made him a werewolf,
With savage claws,
And ferocious eyes!

With this sudden change,
Came an immense power.
The thirst of human blood,
The intense urge to slaughter.

The full moons got him
Out of his sane mind.
He grew into a monster,
Bent on taking someone’s life!

But he wasn’t like the others,
This monster had a golden heart. 
He’d rather kill himself before,
Tearing an innocent’s flesh apart!

It was in a hundred years,
A Beta became an Alpha. 
By the sheer force of his will,
By his strength of character. 

He believed in his people,
He risked his life for them.
His eyes burnt a bright,
Glowing, fiery, crimson red!
He was the True Alpha,
The Alpha of his own pack!

I hope some of you might’ve watched this series too. Do let me know your views. ☺☺

©2017 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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