My favourite Person!

Hello people, Firefly is back with another post. I have shared an incident from my life here. ☺☺

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favourite person? How did you feel?

Daddy! This one word means everything to me. He is one person above everything else in this universe. Childhood was so much fun with him. We used to travel so much together. Here’s my favourite picture with my cute family. It was taken in Jammu. 😻☺


I might never confess this, I might keep fighting and arguing with him on every possible issue, but yes, he is my favourite person. 💙 I have never stayed away from my parents EVER! And I wouldn’t even want to, cause I think it would be unbearable. I’d keep crying all day and come back home eventually. 😂

So, there was this one incident I remember very precisely. When I was in 8th standard, our school took us to an Educational Tour to Kerela. It was a 9 day tour. As my Mumma is a teacher herself, she came with us too. But, I had to stay apart from Papa. 😐 I used to miss him so badly.

There was this mobile phone that I was allowed to carry, and it was a bit new to me. On the night we reached the Hotel, I typed a long text telling him all about how I missed him and what all we saw, but I couldn’t even find the ‘Send‘ button. 😩 It was so stupid of me.

He used to call me every day for those nine days. Those calls were so precious. It felt painful. Though, we enjoyed a lot, there was him missing! Haha, distances invoke the hidden unsaid emotions. 😹

Then, it was the last day of the Tour. I had literally enjoyed A LOT, cause those ice-creams and cold drinks had resulted in a sore throat. We were in the train, heading back. And suddenly, my phone flashed ‘Papa calling!’. I couldn’t control my happiness. 😻

But when I pressed that Green button and tried to say Hello, I didn’t hear my voice! 😨 I couldn’t speak, my throat was choked so badly. He kept saying ‘Hello Beta, are you there?’, and I was in shock. I wasn’t able to speak even a single word.

It was like someone pressed the Mute button on me. Like the words were wanting to escape but something was pulling their leg!😹 That day I realised what it was like to experience extreme happiness and extreme helplessness in a single moment. 

So, this was my story. What’s yours? Who is your favourite person? How did you feel when you had to stay away from them? Would love to know in the comments section. ☺☺

-Firefly 🤓


12 thoughts on “My favourite Person!

  1. Again a beautiful post from expressive writer <3…….u know what the best thing is you can express things very easily and in very simple language……pic is super duper awesome,(just a prediction, small girl in the pic, will be a blogger in future 😀 :p ) ……keep writing and smiling dear 🙂

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    1. Aww! Thankyouu Rohit! ☺☺ I am sooo happy to hear your words. Haha, what a prediction. 😂😂 Btw, would you like to share some of your incidents here? I would love to know. 😃
      You keep smiling too! And thankyou again. ☺☺

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahah……prediction is good only , not it ? B)……..i m not good like u but will try…….it has been 8 years when i left my hometown first for study and now for job…but from then to now we ( me and my father) talk each and every single day……may b we will call just to inform that i m busy today can’t talk :p but call is must 😉 it really feels nice 🙂 and i love it 😀 ❤

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  3. Well,,,this post was a bit different one…
    It has all of those four elements-
    Love,Fear,Hope and Trust!!
    By the way,I guss the pic is taken in the terraces of Bahu Fort… (I may be wrong at the guess,for I frequently
    Again I found this post Mazeedaar bhii aour MaaniKhayizz(Meaningful) bhii!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayy! Thankyou soo much. I’m glad to know that you liked this. ☺☺
      And, you might be right, cause even I don’t know kahan ka hai wo pic. 😛
      Thankyou for your words! 😇


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