Hello people! How have you all been? Today I’m here to introduce you to my dear Friend, Avni Joshi, who is new to WordPress! I feel soo happy to welcome her here. ☺

Avni and me, we have known each other for a long time now, we were together since class four maybe. All I remember is Avni on the field. She used to be the Sports Girl of our class. Be it Kho-Kho, or Volleyball, or Relay race or whatever else, she never lost in anything, and bagged so many trophies for our school, haha! An All-Rounder Student she was.

She used to excel in Sports and Studies together. At the time of our Farewell, I remember she was given the Miss CIA title. (CIA is our school’s name btw.) And she totally deserved it. I hope she keeps achieving more and more in life. ☺

So, finally, I am glad that she realised her interest in writing too! (Told you, she’s an All-rounder) 💙 Naming her blog was such a difficult task, haha! Ultimately, she chose the name, ‘The Healing Alicorn’. Don’t ask me, ask her and she’ll tell you what it actually signifies. But, it looks really cute. See! 😻


So, welcome to WordPress, Avni. I wish you have a beautiful journey, and that you keep writing actively. All my friends and followers, do support her blog just the way you supported me. Here’s her blog link. THE HEALING ALICORN. Do check out her lovely post and give her your feedbacks. Thankyou soo much! ☺☺

-Firefly 🤓