I am the Moonlight!


Stealing away,
Into the woods.
Peeping through,
The shady trees.
Chasing the gloomy,
Shadows stark.
I am the Moonlight,
Drawn to the dark!

The wandering souls,
Lost in the night.
Possessed by the evil,
Bewitched, hypnotized.
The dark swallows
Them, bit by bit.
I am the Moonlight,
The shining Beacon,
Enlightening their spirit.

My ethereal beauty,
A poisonous sting.
I allure the moon,
Into an eternal fling.
Mending the broken
Pieces of your heart.
I am the Moonlight,
A poet’s sweetheart!


In the first stanza, I have tried to portray a forest scene at the night time. When there is darkness all around, Moonlight comes peeping in through the leaves, it’s like she is in search of some evil shadow. She fearlessly roams in the black forests, she is attracted to the dark.

The second stanza is inspired by the TV series, ‘Teen Wolf’. The innocent teenage boys are possessed by an evil spirit, it is taking over them bit by bit. Soon, it will engulf their sheer existance. That’s where Moonlight becomes the savior. In the utter darkness, she is like a big, shining LightHouse which guides the dark souls to enlightenment.

The last stanza describes Moonlight boasting of her own beauty! 😂 She says that her heavenly beauty is like a bee’s sting, it’s lethal. Anyone who gets obesessed with her charm, has to die. Even the Moon is an admirer of her beauty, and she tempts (attracts) him to fall in love with her forever! She is the one who heals the broken hearts, millions admire her and write poetry for her. Thus, she is a poet’s Sweetheart, the most favourite object for them to write on!

So, this was the description of the poem. Actually, I tried writing on my own name, Chandni, which means Moonlight. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thankyou. ☺

©2017 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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