Hello people! Are you aware of the new trend these days? Everyone is obsessing over it like they’ve never seen anything this cool before! I’m talking about this appSAYAT.ME. I seriously don’t understand what is so cool about it? Almost every profile that I’ve viewed since the last week has that wretched sayat.me/xyz url. πŸ˜› Yesterday, one of my friends, Udit posted a blog reviewing this app and it inspired me to write my thoughts about the same. You should definitely read his blog here

So, what is SAYAT? It is an app which helps you gain sincere and honest feedback from people you know and also give feedback to others. I didn’t try this app, though I did give feedback to two of my friends who eventually identified me! 😹 Personally, I didn’t like it much, cause it basically plants a question in our mind that ‘What do people think about me?’ A few days back, I wrote a blog about Log Kya Sochenge, and yes why do we care so much about what people think of us? We know what we are and we shouldn’t need anyone else’s confirmation to be ourselves. 

Sayat is a platform for people to honestly give feedback to anyone they want to, without getting identified. It is really okay and healthy to sometimes ask for people’s views about us. But, people are using it in the wrong way. Haven’t you heard of the famous Guy Fawkes quote , “Give the man a mask, and he’ll tell you the truth”.


The same is happening over here. This app is acting just like that mask. Any person sitting anywhere in the world can write anything about you even without knowing a single thing about you! And it suddenly becomes so important for you. You start giving them so much importance out of no reason.

And the most annoying things are the screenshots! It is okay to ask for feedback, for your self improvement. But what is the need to boast about it? What is the need to showoff to the world about how many people love you secretly? πŸ˜› And many people even mention ‘DM me’ below the feedbacks. I mean, why would the person take all the trouble to write to you through this app, only to get identified? If he had the courage, wouldn’t he say it right at your face? 

And I also noticed how some people run the black marker all over the negative feedbacks. 😹 That is not fair na. Everything comes with a price! Why do you only want to have compliments? πŸ€“ All I am saying is, we do not know who is at the other side of the wall, we have no way to know who they are, all we can do is to listen to all the crap that they throw at us! We do not know if they even mean a word of what they say. But yes, we do take them seriously. If they accuse us of something, if they do not like some of our habits, we change it. We are changing for them! ‘Them’ who we don’t even know. Don’t we have any confidence left in our own self? 

All in all, it is an app designed for the people who wish to give honest reviews but people are using it to vent out their personal frustration on others. They are using it to curse and offend people, spread negativity, propose secretly, backbitch about people, and what not! There is no positivity here. So, if you want to get a headache trying to figure out who said what about you, do go for this app. If you have a peaceful life but want to get free troubles and stress, I recommend this to you. 😹 I would also like to share a hilarious quote I saw on a friend’s Story yesterday. πŸ˜‚


Do share your experiences in the comments section below. Thankyou. ☺

-Firefly πŸ€“