Hey, have you seen him around?
My little friend’s nowhere to be found.
Oh, where are you hiding, my dear?
My chubby, cute little Furry Bear!

Remember, how we went for walks,
How day and night, we used to talk.
Hand-in-hand, we used to play,
Together we made castles of clay.
How we used to count the stars,
And loved making rings of flowers.

With you, my world was bright,
With you, life was a crazy ride.
All my insane dreams were true,
Yes, life was beautiful cause of you!

I miss your fluffy hugs,
Your cute, smiling face.
Your shower of affection,
I miss those carefree days.

Oh dear Furry Bear, do you hear me?
Wherever you are, come back to me.
Together, we’ll fly higher and high,
We’ll make our rainbow in the sky.
We’ll dance together in the rain,
We’ll paint our tiny world again!