An alluring, shimmering Fairy Princess,
Dancing on the edge of the Earth.
Her magic tiptoes swirl with joy,
Igniting the stars in dazzling colours!

She peeps through the fleecy clouds,
Painting the entire sky with her hues.
Sprinkling Angel-dust where she steps,
The imperial heavens above set loose!

She is a vibrant butterfly, fluttering along,
Carrying oceans of ambroisal hues in her palm.
Shining as bright as her colourful soul,
The Rainbow itself bows before her charm.

Resembling the colossal Beacon of hope,
Her beauty is an alluring, mystic ride.
She raises the curtain to the world of mystery,
The dreamland where beautiful Angels reside.

She gets the world drunk on her beauty,
Like a luxurious, intoxicating red wine.
She adds a sweet melody to the air,
Her love spreads across the skyline!
She is Aurora!

©2017 The_Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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