The Demon’s Side!


If being an Angel yields no good, maybe you’re meant to be on the Demon’s side!

I don’t know how this came to my mind the other day, it’s very confusing too, but somehow, I cannot stop thinking about this thought. It’s like, some people have more of an Angel side to them. They are the most generous, loving, ready to help, affectionate kind of people. They are more inclined towards ‘niceness’. They don’t want to hurt people, they don’t want to fight/argue. They just wish to have peace. That is all good.

But being GOOD can also become problematic sometimes. If you are being good, people automatically expect things from you. And because of your ‘People Pleaser’ attitude, you are trapped. It’s like being really passive. You have a very hard time saying ‘NO‘, because that hurts people. So, you end up doing things you never wanted to.

You even restrict yourself from speaking the truth sometimes, if that leads to conflicts. This one thing happens very often with all of us, don’t we find errors in people’s writeups, but never tell them straight on their face? Instead, we end up appreciating. Don’t we find our friend wearing an awkward dress, yet not dare to tell them that they look weird! 😛 We don’t want to come across as bad, huh!

Being an Angel is very tough mostly. Because of everyone’s expections, you live according to them, you behave how they want, you speak what they want to hear, they start dominating your life. You begin to loose yourself. And you end up draining yourself all the time, even if you do/say one little wrong thing, people forget all the good that you did, and end up cursing you. You are taken for granted. If being an Angel gets you wounded all the time, then maybe you should try being on the Demon’s side once.

The side of the Demons is difficult too. They are often hated by the world, because they do not know the language of people pleasing. They see things as black and white and speak the hard truths that people do not want to hear. They do not believe in boundations. They alone dominate their world. They don’t need anyone else’s approval. For them, it’s about what they like, and not about anyone else’s likes. Atleast, being straightaway honest saves you from draining yourself for others needs. You could be bad on their face and then own up for it, cause that is what you are, a Demon! So, it’s all fair. Demons don’t play by rules. 😛

Those who present the naked truth before us are often despised. People don’t want to hear the truth, they like flattery, the world is full of lies, it even works on lies. Why are we so afraid of the darkness? We all do have a dark side within us. We cannot categorize people as Angels or Demons but we do have both the sides present within us. Behind the sweet and kind exterior, we all do have a an evil, dark side somewhere. It’s upon us how we mix both the sides together and present them to the world.

-Firefly 🐝


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  1. What a beautiful post on human tendency and yes i do agree with your line (this is not coz of angel side ) but i do with my demon’s side that means yes it really amazing and i mean it 😉😉
    Few observation ar too good like if u r trying to be good with people then u will b “taken for granted”

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