“This body speaks a language,
I fail to comprehend.
As if a perpetual state,
Of Amnesia, that never ends.
It speaks of the joys,
The triumphs, the falls.
I try hard to remember,
But can never recall.”


Here, I have tried to explain a weird feeling that I have always felt. I feel like my Body and my Soul are two different individuals. They have no connection to each other. I always feel a sense of incompleteness within myself.

Here, the soul says that this body speaks a different language that I am unable to understand. She (the body) speaks of her experiences, her joys, and struggles, but even though I (the soul) try harder and harder to remember, I am unable to recall these memories. It feels like I do not belong here, this isn’t me. I am something else, I am here for some different purpose, but I don’t yet know what. Hence, it goes into deep confusion and feels a sense of Amnesia (forgetfulness).

I have just tried to portray how it feels when the body and soul are not in sync. The soul feels a complete disconnection from the body. It has some Identity Crisis kind of thing. (Yay! Just learnt this new word, if I would’ve known this term before, I would’ve used in the lines above, huh! πŸ™€)

Is this feeling familiar to you, readers? Have you ever felt something like this, or is it just me? Is all this written above even understandable? πŸ˜†