Hii, I’m Chandni Asnani. I live in Indore, India and I’m currently pursuing B.Sc in Computer Science from the same city. I have always been passionate about writing and it’s almost been 10 years now that I started writing.

It was like, I had no idea, no clue if I had any such kind of talent in me, I was just like any other normal girl, but that one day changed my life. I consider that particular day as the turning point, that one day just made me what I am today!

It was one day when I was in class 4, my English teacher told me to write a poetry for the school magazine as I was good at her Subject. So, I went home and suddenly thought that I should try writing something by myself. And yeah, with Mumma’s help, I was able to write a few lines, pretty childish, but they were still okay.

And after that, I started enjoying it, those lines, anyhow making words rhyme, that art, and expressing myself in the least words possible, that choosing any random topic and writing whatever comes! You won’t believe I’ve written on every stupid topic from parrot, doggies, horses, birds, to dolls and still others I don’t remember! Haha, how I hate opening that wretched diary I used to love writing into when I was a kid! 😂

I’m thankful to everyone, my parents, my school teachers, my school principal and my friends, they’ve always encouraged me to write more and more. I was even known as the ‘Miss Poet‘ of my school!

And it’s been a few months that a friend of mine told me about WordPress! I never forget thanking him! It’s all because of him that I’m here today, all because of him that I’m relieved from half the tensions cause writing helps me forget every damn thing and helps me come back to normal!

I can’t survive without writing, writing marks my existance, writing is life, writing is love, writing is the ultimate satisfaction, writing is the food for my hungry soul!

Yeah, I do know the fact that I’m just a beginner right now, there are sooo many things I don’t know about, sooo much still left to discover, to improve, I don’t even write that good and I don’t know if I even have a particular writing style, but I hope one day I’ll be able to write like all of you wonderful people. I’m learning something new everyday, thanks to you all and thanks to WordPress! ✌

For any queries or help, find me HERE.