An Awesomengersly Amazing Journey!

Hello people! It's an extremely special day for me today. Never thought that I would be soooo lucky to have such a beautiful friend in my life. Last year, this day, I came across a guy. Hehe, this Awesomenger guy! 💙 A crazy, friendly, fun loving, GentleMan guy, who made me believe that true friendship... Continue Reading →


A Letter to Me! #2

Dearest Me, Today is a special day for you and for me. I do not know how to confront you. After all that I have done to you, I know, you must not be expecting me at all. But, whatever it is, we are still One! You are me and I am you. We have... Continue Reading →

My favourite Person!

Hello people, Firefly is back with another post. I have shared an incident from my life here. ☺☺ What's the most time you've ever spent apart from your favourite person? How did you feel? Daddy! This one word means everything to me. He is one person above everything else in this universe. Childhood was so... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Miss Angel!

Wishing a Happpy Birthday to the sweeetest, the most amazing, the most beautiful girl on Earth! 😻 My lovely Angel! 😇 I love you soooo much. God has been sooo kind to me, no? 😻 He sent me Miss Dictionary to help me with English. 😂😂 Do you remember, a few days back I told you about... Continue Reading →

Miss Dictionary! :D

This blog is a dedication to the sweeetest girl I know. WordPress gifted me another beautiful diamond, I feel happy to be surrounded with such positive and crazy people, this girl being the craziest of them all. You are the bestest, Shreya. ❤ Okay, so I came to know her via Sumit Sir. He used to... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Mr Positive!

Dear Mr Positive, I'm really reallly sorry I completely forgot that it's your birthday today. Thank God I was reminded on the right time or else I don't know what would've happened!! 😂😂 It's not been long that I've known you, but I do trust you a lot. I really cherish few people here, and... Continue Reading →

Happy Friendship Day!

It's been almost an year that I've been on this beautiful place, "WordPress". And as I always say, 'Joining WordPress is the best decision I've ever made in life'. One reason for that is because I got sooo many amazing friends over here. I got to know so many beautiful people. You all are like... Continue Reading →

He’s my Dad!

He held me in arms, When I glared in his eyes, He got the most worried, Whenever he heard my cries. Holding my little finger, He made me walk, He clicked my pictures, In the cute little frock! Hearing me speak daddy, He was thrilled with joy, And every time I wished, He bought me... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday SumitOfficial!

Heyy Sir, you know today is a really special day. Aaj na mere Sir ka birthday hai!! I don't know what should I write for him, he's just the best person, I have no words today. This is a short ThankYou Note! 😇 You know I never believed in Angels, but now I do. Yes,... Continue Reading →

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