I broke the Leg! ;)

Hello dear bloggers, I'm back with yet another beautiful experience. You know, since that 'Break The Ice' event blog, my life has literally changed for the better. *Though there are some drawbacks to it too 😹* So, yesterday LitMus conducted the first event for this session, 'Going down the Memory Lane', it basically was a... Continue Reading →


Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Today, we attended an 'Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp' which was an Orientation Program introduced in Acropolis by NEN. This was for the very first time that our college has conducted an 'Entrepreneurship Course' and that too headed by such esteemed personalities. It was a proud moment for all of us. The program was basically divided into... Continue Reading →

Break The Ice 2k16

Hello dear readers, I'm back with a hell lot of experiences, experiences that I'd remember my entire life. You know, there are times which give you a different approach in life, moments which open new horizons for you. This was exactly that kind of experience for me. It was not just enjoyable but it inspired me... Continue Reading →

Annual Function (Day-2)

Hii again guys! 🙋 I'm back with the day2 of our Annual Function, 'Medalist 2016'. We were taken to this place called 'Ravindra Natya Graha' in Indore. I'm in love with that place, it was sooo beautiful! Have a look! As we went inside, there was this biggg auditorium, actually this place is a theatre... Continue Reading →

Annual Function (Day-1)

Hey guys, I'm sorry I didn't write for the last few days! I have no reason for that, just didn't feel like writing! Okay, so Annual Function Day1, was scheduled on 17th March. The one day when uniforms were banned in the college! Seriously, it feels soo good to look at colours, and not the... Continue Reading →

Women’s Day Seminar

Hello friends, in the previous post I had mentioned about a Maths test which was to be held today, but got delayed till the next week. Huh, my 3 days bunk got wasted! And today as I reached college, everyone started asking me ki Tu toh bohot padh rahi hai yaaar! Seriously soo many people... Continue Reading →

E-Week (Day 5)

Hello bloggers and friends, yesterday was the last day of E-week. I'm sorry I couldn't blog about it yesterday. So, the event scheduled for yesterday was 'Street Bazaar'. It was similar to our 'Trader's Hunt', only that it was on a larger level, and was organised in the B.E. campus. There were food stalls, games... Continue Reading →

E-Week (Day 4)

Hello guys! Today, again I had to attend two events. *Uff, this E-Week is soo exhausting! It's been three complete weeks that I didn't get to sleep till late for the last Saturdays and Sundays. This weekend, I ain't gonna sacrifice my sleep. :?* Okay, so let me start with this. We were already late... Continue Reading →

E-Week (Day 2 & 3)

Hii dear bloggers, I'm back with some amazing experiences. Today, I'll tell you about the E-Week (Day 2 & 3). The event scheduled for yesterday was the Entrepreneurship Seminar. I was soooo excited for attending it. I specially came to college only for that particular event. When we consulted our teacher, she told us that... Continue Reading →


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