#344 Mr Mystery again!

Oh, he just took me by surprise,
With his beautiful, beautiful eyes.
Hair ruffled, and faint hint of a smile,
Still, exactly the same, after all this while.

His eyes made me beam with pride,
At the skill of that creator above.
An epitome of beauty truly exists,
God put in him, all his perfection and love.

That piercing gaze, those little pearls of light,
They intoxicate me, just like the old times.
He is my beacon, in the horrifying nights.
Oh, he has truly built a home in my eyes.

Only a glimpse of him, gets me elated,
God, what masterpiece have you created?
Looking at him, amid all this mess,
My soul and heart, feel so utterly satiated.

His eyes feel like a million blooming flowers,
But alas, we are far apart, like the Sun from Mars!
Just why is it, that only the best of things,
The most beautiful ones, can never be ours?

Hehe, I have been extreeeemely obsessed with a mysterious guy, and I saw him again yesterday, yippee! 😹 Follow the link to check out my various other obsessive love poems on this Mystery Man.

-Firefly 🐝



#300 Adieu, Mr Mystery!

Hello again, Mr Mystery. Greetings from Firefly! How have you been? (Well, as far as I know, you’ve definitely been mesmerizing if you look at yourself through my eyes!) So, anyways, I hope you’ve been doing great in your life. I just came to know from some reliable sources that it’s your birthday today! It is, right? And, I was just so excited after knowing this, that I couldn’t stop myself from writing something for you. Yess, dedicating a blog is my way of a birthday gift. And this is going to be a Secret Gift for you, cause you won’t ever come across this, some things are better when they remain a secret, nai? 😹

So, I’m going to reveal everything that I have in my heart, on this secret platform today. (Yesss, finally I got the chance to get this off my heart!) The first time I saw you, I was stunned, literally stunned. You don’t know, you look exactly like one of my close friends, like you’re a complete xerox copy of him! And all your features, your gestures were so strikingly similar to him that I instantly developed a liking. I know that’s a very rude thing to say, but at first, I only noticed you cause you looked alike him. 😬 Things changed after then.

In the last few months, I have noticed quite a few things about you. Haha, the first thing is, you are Mysterious. There’s an air of mystery around you, I find that intriguing. It really draws people more and more towards you. (Or is it just me?!) And then, you don’t speak much. Quiet people are the most interesting, I believe. I noticed that you might not speak much, but when you do, you just make things more interesting and fun. Like, you take challenges and risks very positively, and you try to make it fun for yourself and for others too. That’s adorable. 💙

Then, you seem to be really obsessed with your hair. The way you keep running your fingers through your hair, haha, that’s the proof! (I find that cute, tbh.) Also, you are a Gentleman, a true Gentleman. I once saw you offering your seat to two girls who didn’t get a seat. And for the entire time, you stood by happily. That day, you truly earned my respect. It’s rare to find such a kind soul these days.

Then, I don’t know exactly when I observed this, but you seem to be an Animal lover, no? That’s sweet! Also, one more thing, you’re really Mature. Like, I once overheard you giving some advice and words of comfort to someone over the phone and in my eyes, that really means a lot. That’s a really loving and generous behaviour. You’re a good guy!

It was only twice that I found you beside me, (like so close!), and I really wanted to speak to you, or atleast look at you, but couldn’t. (Only if I had the confidence!) I know, what I feel is an infatuation, but what do I do to stop this. This magical spell that you have cast upon me, will it ever break? Everytime I come across you, I just start having *jitters*. Like nervous excitement! For me, every moment was like a silent conversation between us. (I don’t know about you. Maybe it meant a tiny little bit of something to you, or maybe nothing at all.)

Yes, I know, people would call me a lunatic to write so much about someone whom I hardly know, but I am helpless. Sometimes, one needs to let the heart rule over the head, haha. So, wish you a Happy Birthday, Mr Mystery. I hope you have a beautiful life ahead. Don’t think we’re gonna meet again. So, I guess this is Farewell. All my regards and best wishes always are with you. Keep being kind and amazing. And take care of yourself! 🌼

“To every strand of those ruffled hair,
To the twinkle in those starry eyes.
To that figure of utter perfection,
To the curves of that lovely smile.
From the dephts of my heart,
This is an adieu! A goodbye!”

-Firefly 🐝

#297 An epitome of Flawlessness!

Just when I had lost all hope,
When I thought I’d lost him,
My vision found a blurry figure,
Walking in my direction,
Getting closer every moment.
My heart gave a joyful cry,
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
When I looked at the perfection,
Carved into a human form.
The distance between us,
Got shorter every second.
Those dark, ruffled hair,
Those gazing, intense eyes.
An epitome of Flawlessness,
Was walking towards me.
His eyes lightly swept over me,
Like calming, pacifying winds.
Rejuvenating my craving soul,
Like bright, gleaming sunshine.
His voice, deep and intense,
Sincere, and a tiny bit of cheerful!
Like the waves of a peaceful sea,
Soothing me, alleviating all worries.
Nothing else mattered to me,
My world stopped there and then!

Andddd then he walked away, and with a sigh, I realised this was again one of my fantasies! Ughhhh! 😣 Why does this always happen, my brain just pretends to be dead when he’s around.

Firefly 🐝

#295 Lost!

Those ruffled hair,
Those piercing eyes,
A familiar face,
A beautiful smile!

A mystery unsolved,
A question unanswered.
A wish unattained,
A prayer unheard!

Heartbeats subside,
On the last fleeting gaze,
Love’s etched on my soul,
I lost him in the haze!

-Firefly 🐝

How I wish I could just talk to him once, or for once have his sunshine like smile shine upon me and brighten up my soul! But, some dreams never come true, so nevermind! 😛

Those shimmering eyes!

Under the deep blue tinted skies,
I saw him right before my eyes.
With lips curled into an endearing stance,
And bearing the shine of a million stars.
His celestial eyes shimmered into mine,
My happiness knew no bounds, I was literally flyin’!

I was bewildered with fascination,
Heartbeats leapt up like waves of an ocean.
My soul gave an ecstatic cry,
Every cell within, fluttered like butterflies!

His eyes were drowning me, deeper and deeper,
But, I didn’t make any efforts to save myself either.
I was terrified to ever find the shore, ’cause,
Here, finally, was a world, where we were strangers no more!

We were walking together, side by side,
His smile washing over me like ataractic tides!
And then, like an ebbing fire, he was fading,
With an ashen gray face, his existence was cascading.

And then with a sudden woe beyond repair,
I stood there transfixed, gasping for air.
This was unreal, this was a dream,
For how can we ever be together in the actual realm?

I clutched my eyes together tight,
Trying my best to carve him into my sight.
To spend one more moment with him by my side,
To etch that ethereal smile upon my mind!

I didn’t want to wake up to realise,
That we could nomore walk side by side.
That his glistening gaze never bore an affection,
That his alluring smile was just a deception.

But time was working with its pace,
Dissolving into nihility, every hint of his face.
I tried to cling onto his silhouette in vain,
But he left me there, heart somersaulting with pain.

I felt that it didn’t matter, but it pains,
I can feel that hollow burning within my veins.
The silence that bridged us together,
Does anything of it still remain?

But, I’d rather choose silence anyway,
Than having to live through that wretched day,
Where I am to him, nothing more,
Than a mere stranger he doesn’t identify.
Where I’m only a speck of a faint star,
In his coruscating moonlit sky!

Word meanings:-
Tinted– shaded
Stance– position
Celestial – heavenly
Bewildered– confused
Ecstatic– extremely happy
Ataractic– Comforting
Ebbing– decreasing
Cascading– falling away
Woe– sadness
Transfixed– hypnotized
Realm– world

Ethereal– heavenly/delicate
Alluring– attractive
Deception– betrayal, dishonest
Nihility– nothingness
Silhouette– shadow
Wretched– terrible
Coruscating– glittering

This is a dedication to the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on, but who can never be mine, ofcourse! Those beauuuuutiful, intoxicating, piercing eyes, I am literally going mad about them. He definitely must be beautiful inside and out. Atleast, that is what my conscience says, and I totally trust my instincts. I just can’t get him out of my head. Previously, he was ruling my world, now he has started ruling my dreams tooo! This has never happened before. 😛 So, Mr Mystery Guy, sending loads of regards and appreciations and love to you! Oh, how I wish I could just talk to you for once. But, never mind!


Mystery Guy!


Dear Mystery Guy,

Hi! You probably have no idea that I exist. That’s fine. But, I just want you to know that I feel super happy ‘You‘ exist. The first time I saw you, which was just a few months back, something struck me so hard. I was mesmerized, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You seriously have no idea how lethal your charm is! 😛 Those eyes, those beautiful, beautiful eyes, everytime I look into them, it’s a magical feeling. Your eyes are like a soft drizzle in the fall, and all I wish to do is spread my arms and drench my soul in them!

For months now, I’ve been stealing glances at you, I don’t know who you are, I don’t even know your name, huh! No, I don’t want us to be friends or anything, it’s just that I feel some kind of connection to you, and a very strong one. The vibe that you carry, that silent, peaceful aura around you, it fascinates me, it draws me more and more to you. For me, your silence speaks louder than words.

Before you arrived, everything was pretty normal in my world. Happy life, everything sorted. But, since the day I saw you, everything has kind of started fluctuating. Nothing is constant, my heart beats faster when you are around, my eyes crave to look at you, they search for you everywhere. And when they fail to find you around, they grow impatient.

No, this isn’t love, or a liking. This isn’t anything. I can’t put this feeling into words. Like generally, when we close our eyes and think of someone’s face, it just blurs out, we can never make it out in our head clearly. But when I think of you, I picturise you in like super HD quality! 😹 Every detail, every little speck of perfection! My mind doesn’t miss a thing. I don’t have feelings for you, but your charm clearly resides in my heart.

That’s what you are doing to me, and you don’t even know! By now, I have also made many failed attempts to want to see you less often, as least as possible. I run away from wherever you are, I do not want to face you anymore. Cause when I look at you, I have this sudden rush of emotions within me, which is getting totally unbearable. Like I am drugged on your beauty. I want to end this insanity, this madness. It’s like a guilty pleasure. On one side, I know I’m being super stupid, I need to be mature now, but on the other side, I just can’t stop myself from admiring those beautiful eyes! 😬 The most beautiful thing gives us the most pain sometimes. That’s true.

Anyways, there’s one thing for which I would like to thank you. You are partially one of the reasons why my attendance has increased this time, hahah! I now have a 100% attendance because of youu! Take care, Mr Mystery Guy. Keep killing people with those hypnotizing eyes of yours! 🤓