#400 जुगनू

तुझे लगता तू है चिंगारी,
आंधियों में टिक ना पाएगा,
यह ज़माना बड़ा बेरहम है,
पैरों तले तुझेे कुचल जाएगा।
तू आग का सैलाब है,
चिंगारी से बढ़ता जाएगा,
पंखों में बारूद लिए, इस,
दुनिया को राख कर जाएगा।

तू ऊंचा तो उठ ज़रा,
अपने पंखों को खोल ज़रा,
तुझ सा कोई नहीं यहां पे,
जान खुद का मोल ज़रा।
जितनी अंधेरी हों रातें,
उतना ही होगा उजाला तेरा,
कुछ नहीं नामुमकिन यहां पर,
जुगनू है तू, सितारा मेरा‌।

जलते हैं जो तुझ से, जल जाने दे,
कहते हैं कमज़ोर तुझे, कह जाने दे,
तू धैर्य तो रख, मेहनत को रंग लाने दे,
इस आग के दरिया को उबल जाने दे।
उन कागज़ की कश्तियों को आज,
तुझ में जल,‌ राख हो जाने दे।
जुगनू है तू, रोशनी तेरे अंदर है,
सब्र कर ज़रा, अपना समय तो आने दे!

जुगनू 🐝

मेरे सारे ब्लॉगर मित्रों को हिंदी दिवस की बहुत शुभकामनाएं! 😺 काफी समय बाद हिंदी में कुछ लिखने का प्रयास किया है, आशा है कि आप सभी को पसंद आया। शुक्रिया! 🌼


#398 Firefly’s Drama!

You might be on the North Pole,
I might be attending a class,
Distance doesn’t matter, you know,
When we feel it in our hearts.
I’ll stand right by your side,
In the lows and the highs,
Life’s a rollercoaster,
Climb with me on this ride.
Friendship, an invisible cord,
Binds us to each other, tight,
Two strangers, all of a sudden,
Share a little too much in life!
Hatred fuels love, love fuels hatred,
If I had a choice, you’d truly be dead. 😺

I don’t care about Friendship Days,
Wasn’t really excited for it either,
But this Firefly’s a Drama Queen,
She weaved this silly poem together.
If she really had her way, She’d,
Flood WordPress with friendship bands,
Tie them into all of your hands,
And make you all her Fiery Fraaaands.
I know, just like I did, you too,
Will cringe and run out the door,
But what else do you expect?
You know she’s just four. 🙁

Firefly 🐝

#397 Cotton Candies

Clouds are like little UFOs,
Roaming around in space.
Like kids rushing out of classes,
As soon as it’s lunch break.
Clouds love racing each other,
With trees cheering out loud.
They also pose under the sunlight,
Oh, so sophisticated and proud.
Clouds are just so weird beings,
Sometimes they swallow the sun,
Sometimes they giggle, have fun,
Sometimes they collectively cry. 😿
Clouds are like cotton candies,
Hanging in the deep blue sky,
If only I could reach up there,
If only I had wings to fly!
(Oh, I do have them,
Cause you know,
I’m the FIREFLY.)

Firefly 🐝

(P.S. Cloud credit goes to Sumeet, which also means ACCIDENTAL BLOGGER 😼)

#396 The Night

The night knows your secrets,
The ghosts of fears that you hide,
Guilty lumps in your throat, that,
Threaten to well up your eyes.
Some fears you just can’t escape,
Journey of self-destruction follows,
Truths that cannot be spoken out loud,
Leave their marks on your pillow.
The night doesn’t comfort,
It just lets you weep in peace,
When you’re done sulking over life,
It wraps you into the blanket of sleep.

Firefly 🐝

#395 Our Boat

Enduring the harsh tides of time,
Hand in hand, that’s a good sign.
We’ll dodge our fears, fight our frowns,
Ours is a boat, that’ll never ever drown.
Through warm sunsets or stormy nights,
We’ll sail through together, with no fright.
Faith and love will light up our way,
Ours is a boat that’ll shine through the day.

Yay! Another idiotic poem’s here! Enjoy reading and then don’t forget to bang your heads on the wall. Have a great time. 😺👊


#394 If I were a Feather

If I were a Feather,
I’d float away with the winds,
Let the gentle breeze carry me,
To the faraway realms, unknown.

If I were a Feather,
I’d be free from all worries, like,
Heavy pebbles holding me down,
I’d just soar higher and farther,
From this messed up world.

If I were a Feather,
I’d want to be a beautiful Quill,
And be sold at Diagon Alley,
Reside in Harry Potter’s pocket,
Help him complete his homework.

If I were a Feather,
I’d take flight, across the sky,
And the sea, where they meet,
At the skyline. I’d be a symbol,
Of love, beauty and peace.

Firefly 🐝

#393 Monsoon Man


He drove the relentless Summer,
Out and away from the skies,
Ushered an Army of gray clouds,
Who came giggling, all huddled up,
Like little boys on a playground.
The clouds parted to reveal a chariot,
Held by the most gorgeous face,
Storms swished and swirled with glee,
The trees and leaves bowed to his feet.
Thunder boomed, lightening came forth,
Raindrops poured down, satiating the Earth.
I kept on staring at him, charmed, when,
He smiled down and gave me a wink,
Oh how I blushed and turned all pink.
Thanking, I spread my arms to the breeze,
Monsoon Man had finally heard my pleas!

-Firefly 🐝

#389 Yuck!


With hope in my heart,
And math in my mind,
I figured out the AC bus,
Was just about to arrive,
So I stood there impatient,
Waiting for my lovely bus,
But, as usual, it didn’t come,
Oh, I know my damned luck.

This other bus arrives,
And the conductor dude,
Says ‘I’ll give you a good seat’,
Like a single seat on that bus,
Qualifies anywhere near ‘Good’,
So, helpless in the burning sun,
I agree to his fake words,
And hop into that stupid seat,
Let the man earn a buck.

Sweat runs down my forehead,
My neck, and even my eyes,
Burning Sun roars on my left,
Men stuck together on the right.
Bodies pressed against each other,
I bend far, far away, it’s a horrible muck,
The sun lights me with its fire-torch,
Oh, I seriously do feel like a duck.

That boy’s constantly staring at me, I’m,
Mentally throwing pebbles at that shuck.
Oh, just let the bus stop somewhere,
I’m going to throw him into a truck.
Everything is so sweaty and ewww,
Into what stupid hell am I stuck,
It was the last day of the session,
I just prayed for one sweet AC bus,
Everything’s so disgusting here, yuck! 

Firefly 🐝

It was the last day of the session today, and it takes me two hours to reach college. It gets suuuper hot outside and I always pray for the AC bus to arrive on time. But, it never does. And it didn’t today, either. 😧 Everything about today was just disgusting. AC bus is so spacious and such a welcome place of rest and fun. And this idiot Local bus was burning hell. I hate buses. Hate themmm like I hate grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. 😾

#388 Welcome the Monsoon!


It took me by surprise,
As I stood there, enticed,
I caught a glimpse of God,
Through nature’s eyes,
Everything was so sprightly,
Fervour charged up the winds,
Ashen-grey clouds like a mob,
Began to erupt and storm in.
Trees were rustling with joy,
Like little girls giggling around,
Monkeys jumped from branches,
Tiny flowers captured the ground,
Dragged me out of my worries,
Plunged me into this sublimity,
I stood there, transfixed,
The sun had gone missing.
A drop of water touched my cheek,
Nature was about to unfurl,
Drops of elixir upon inert souls,
Oh, it was truly raining pearls,
Detached from the reality of life,
But today I really felt alive,
A step closer to the superpower,
That created existence, the divine!
In the distance I beheld,
Oh, like a rainbow set loose,
A peacock spreading its feathers,
Iridescent, such majestic hues,
And several of them gathered
With their feathers outspread,
And sang of the glorious nature,
Welcoming the Monsoon ahead.

Firefly 🐝