Drown to find me again!

Shallow, surface waters, Now fail to please me. I long for the roaring tides, To ascend, and tease me. I yearn for the abysmal ocean, To hold me in its ashen embrace. Immerse deep into its quiescence. So magnificent, so utterly chaste! This heart craves for intensity, Madness, a passion so wild. Plunge into absolute... Continue Reading →



An alluring, shimmering Fairy Princess, Dancing on the edge of the Earth. Her magic tiptoes swirl with joy, Igniting the stars in dazzling colours! She peeps through the fleecy clouds, Painting the entire sky with her hues. Sprinkling Angel-dust where she steps, The imperial heavens above set loose! She is a vibrant butterfly, fluttering along,... Continue Reading →

Sempiternal Souls!

Souls never die. They are atemporal (immortal). Since the dawn of earth, two soulmates, no matter wherever they are, crave to be together. They unite and detach in every life. And when they intertwine, it's like a grand celebration. Their union casts off flashes of fire, dipped in passion. And it seems as if the... Continue Reading →

Cry, O’ Cry!

Hello people! Hehe, I was going through my previous years' posts and as I reached the end, I found a very disturbing yet deeply meaningful poem that I wrote two years back. It brought back painful memories. Can't believe I WROTE THIS! I was really mature back then, huh! 😹😛 CRY, O' CRY! Accept that it’s... Continue Reading →

Furry Bear!

Hey, have you seen him around? My little friend's nowhere to be found. Oh, where are you hiding, my dear? My chubby, cute little Furry Bear! Remember, how we went for walks, How day and night, we used to talk. Hand-in-hand, we used to play, Together we made castles of clay. How we used to... Continue Reading →

​A smile will never disappoint!

A Smile is like a GIFT, A priceless gift, of course! It can work wonders of joy, On lives of millions across. A Smile can spread colours of love, It can make up someone’s day. Then why sit home and spoil your mood? When you have something to give away. Smiles themselves are a language,... Continue Reading →

I am the Moonlight!

Stealing away, Into the woods. Peeping through, The shady trees. Chasing the gloomy, Shadows stark. I am the Moonlight, Drawn to the dark! The wandering souls, Lost in the night. Possessed by the evil, Bewitched, hypnotized. The dark swallows Them, bit by bit. I am the Moonlight, The shining Beacon, Enlightening their spirit. My ethereal... Continue Reading →


If only the thought of it, Swallows up your sleep. Like a mysterious ocean, You're willing to go deep. If that rising, blazing thrill, Takes away all your pain.  A sudden surge of emotions, Runs down all your veins. It brings you hope when broken, With the power to tear you apart. It tries to... Continue Reading →

Teen Wolf!

Hello guys, Firefly's back! You know I've been watching this suuuuuper amazing series 'Teen Wolf' since the last few days. 😻 There's this guy, Scott McCall who turns into a Werewolf! 😨 It is full of adventures and suspense. Scott succeeds to inspire me totally. 😇 Today, while I had a free lecture, I decided... Continue Reading →


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