The Twilight Firefly

And one day, this STAR will shine, with a wild sparkle, uncontrolled, unrestrained!

The Virtual World!

Hello friends! How are you all? 🙂 I'll tell you about this little mission I am working on. Since the last week, I've been trying to bring this stupid social media obsession of mine, to an end. And yayy, I... Continue Reading →

Cry, O’ Cry!

Hello people! Hehe, I was going through my previous years' posts and as I reached the end, I found a very disturbing yet deeply meaningful poem that I wrote two years back. It brought back painful memories. Can't believe I... Continue Reading →

Furry Bear!

Hey, have you seen him around? My little friend's nowhere to be found. Oh, where are you hiding, my dear? My chubby, cute little Furry Bear! Remember, how we went for walks, How day and night, we used to talk.... Continue Reading →

The New Trend!

Hello people! Are you aware of the new trend these days? Everyone is obsessing over it like they've never seen anything this cool before! I'm talking about this app 'SAYAT.ME'. I seriously don't understand what is so cool about it?... Continue Reading →

​A smile will never disappoint!

A Smile is like a GIFT, A priceless gift, of course! It can work wonders of joy, On lives of millions across. A Smile can spread colours of love, It can make up someone’s day. Then why sit home and... Continue Reading →

I am the Moonlight!

Stealing away, Into the woods. Peeping through, The shady trees. Chasing the gloomy, Shadows stark. I am the Moonlight, Drawn to the dark! The wandering souls, Lost in the night. Possessed by the evil, Bewitched, hypnotized. The dark swallows Them,... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Miss Alicorn! :)

Hello people! How have you all been? Today I'm here to introduce you to my dear Friend, Avni Joshi, who is new to WordPress! I feel soo happy to welcome her here. ☺ Avni and me, we have known each... Continue Reading →

My favourite Person!

Hello people, Firefly is back with another post. I have shared an incident from my life here. ☺☺ What's the most time you've ever spent apart from your favourite person? How did you feel? Daddy! This one word means everything... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Fear!

Hello people! Since the last few days, I wasn't getting anything to write about. But yayy, I found some ammmmazing writing prompts. 😻 So, for the next few days, I will stick to them. ☺ You're locked in a room... Continue Reading →

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