Those dreamy eyes!

A familiar face, Among strangers. So strikingly alike, I am captivated. That face, mysterious, I have seen it before. Features, so alluring, I'm instantly drawn. Those eyes, those very eyes, Are an ocean of secrets. Feels like I've known them, For a long, long time. Intense, mystifying, My heart wells up, With fascination. Those beautiful... Continue Reading →



जब मन हुआ उसके साथ खेल लिया। अगले ही पल उसे फेंक दिया ज़मीन पर। कभी खुले आसमानों की सैर कराई उसे, कभी अंधेरी दीवारों के पीछे कैद कर दिया। बस एक चाबी भरने की देर होती, और वो सारी बीती बातें भूलकर नए सिरे से आपका मन लुभाने, चला आता हंसता, खिलखिलाता। और जब... Continue Reading →

Firefly turns TWO!

Yayyy! It's Firefly's Birthday today! 🙆 Today, my blog completed two years. 💙 'The Twilight Firefly' is my identity. It is my voice, my confidence, my everything! On this special occasion, I just made a silly comic depicting what Firefly feels about her birthday. Hope you all like it. 😹 P.S. It's Firefly in the... Continue Reading →

Drown to find me again!

Shallow, surface waters, Now fail to please me. I long for the roaring tides, To ascend, and tease me. I yearn for the abysmal ocean, To hold me in its ashen embrace. Immerse deep into its quiescence. So magnificent, so utterly chaste! This heart craves for intensity, Madness, a passion so wild. Plunge into absolute... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Kite Runner

Title: The Kite Runner Author: Khaled Hosseini Genre: Historical Fiction, Drama Name of publication: Riverhead Books Date of Publication: 2003 Number of pages: 374 The beginning of the story is set in Kabul, where Amir and Hassan grow up together. Inspite of Hassan being the servant's son, both share a brotherly bond and are equally... Continue Reading →

Kuchh Batao Naa, Tanmay!

Hello readers, how’re you all? Welcome to FIREFLY presents KUCHH BATAO NAA (Season 2), an Interview Series in association with AWESOMENGERS. Today we have with us, Mr Tanmay Sarkar. You all must already be knowing him! :D Talking to him was a very beautiful experience. I would cherish this experience forever. During the interview, we discussed everything about his life,... Continue Reading →

Being a Writer!

Hello! Firefly is back again! 🕵 So, I recently took on another hobby, which is, making Webcomics. And you won't believe, it's so interesting, sooo damn interesting that I almost forgot about blogging and writing. 😂 "Kya hota hai ye writing? 😮 Mujhe nahi pata!" So, I made this comic regarding a very general observation.... Continue Reading →

Kuchh Batao Naa (Season 2)

Hello everyone! How have you all been? As I am finalllly done with my exams, and have lots and lots of time these days, we came up with the idea to restart the "KUCHH BATAO NAA" Series! 😸 Some of you must already know about it. For those of you who are not familiar, let... Continue Reading →


"This body speaks a language, I fail to comprehend. As if a perpetual state, Of Amnesia, that never ends. It speaks of the joys, The triumphs, the falls. I try hard to remember, But can never recall." Explanation:- Here, I have tried to explain a weird feeling that I have always felt. I feel like... Continue Reading →

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