The Twilight Firefly

And one day, this STAR will shine, with a wild sparkle, uncontrolled, unrestrained!

Kuchh Batao Naa, Tanmay!

Hello readers, how’re you all? Welcome to FIREFLY presents KUCHH BATAO NAA (Season 2), an Interview Series in association with AWESOMENGERS. Today we have with us, Mr Tanmay Sarkar. You all must already be knowing him! :D Talking to him was a very beautiful experience.... Continue Reading →

Being a Writer!

Hello! Firefly is back again! 🕵 So, I recently took on another hobby, which is, making Webcomics. And you won't believe, it's so interesting, sooo damn interesting that I almost forgot about blogging and writing. 😂 "Kya hota hai ye... Continue Reading →

Kuchh Batao Naa (Season 2)

Hello everyone! How have you all been? As I am finalllly done with my exams, and have lots and lots of time these days, we came up with the idea to restart the "KUCHH BATAO NAA" Series! 😸 Some of... Continue Reading →


"This body speaks a language, I fail to comprehend. As if a perpetual state, Of Amnesia, that never ends. It speaks of the joys, The triumphs, the falls. I try hard to remember, But can never recall." Explanation:- Here, I... Continue Reading →

The story of Paneer! :P

"Beta, guests will be here in an hour. Go and bring Paneer from the nearby Dairy. I have to prepare lunch." This is what my Mumma said last week, and I was completely shocked and terrified by the thought. Immediately,... Continue Reading →

The Demon’s Side!

If being an Angel yields no good, maybe you're meant to be on the Demon's side! -Firefly I don't know how this came to my mind the other day, it's very confusing too, but somehow, I cannot stop thinking about... Continue Reading →

Why do I write?

Some days are particularly black. Days and nights pass on unnoticed, you just walk through life, wanting to feel something, anything! Be it sadness, anger, hatred, love, just anything that makes you feel alive again, something that makes you feel... Continue Reading →

An Awesomengersly Amazing Journey!

Hello people! It's an extremely special day for me today. Never thought that I would be soooo lucky to have such a beautiful friend in my life. Last year, this day, I came across a guy. Hehe, this Awesomenger guy!... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Me! #2

Dearest Me, Today is a special day for you and for me. I do not know how to confront you. After all that I have done to you, I know, you must not be expecting me at all. But, whatever... Continue Reading →

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