Troubles, like Dementors, suck out every bit of happiness from our lives and throw us off course. They leave us blank, devoid of any feeling, as good as dead! In those times, all we need is to focus on our best memories, and create a Patronus, strong enough to transcend them, powerful enough to repel... Continue Reading →


Five times Twelve is Forty! -_-

"Why? Five times twelve is forty!". Yeah, it was me who said that! How dumb could I be, I got to know that day. Friday also was an eye opening experience for me, because I had never in my life purposely sat down to solve aptitude questions. And there I was, in the middle of... Continue Reading →

The Flash (Season 4, Episode 15)

Hello people! So, the 15th episode of The Flash (Season 4) is out! Have you watched it? Here are the few things I found quite confusing and illogical in this episode! #1. QUALITY TIME:- DeVoe is about to attack, but all Iris cares about is spending some 'Quality Time' with Barry. And she keeps on... Continue Reading →

A food that I love!

Hello people, Firefly's back! Today I'll tell you about a food that I am extremely fond of. Like, not only do I lovvve having it any time of the day, but I also equally love cooking it by myself. It's just so fascinating. The writing prompt I came across was, "A food that you love".... Continue Reading →

Those shimmering eyes!

Under the deep blue tinted skies, I saw him right before my eyes. With lips curled into an endearing stance, And bearing the shine of a million stars. His celestial eyes shimmered into mine, My happiness knew no bounds, I was literally flyin'! I was bewildered with fascination, Heartbeats leapt up like waves of an... Continue Reading →

Things I look forward to!

Hey folks! So, I've been going through a lot of confusions about what to post on the blog. I used to write so much before, now I don't know how, but all the possible topics have just disappeared. So, I've got to depend on Writing Prompts. :/ I've decided on writing a blog everyday, and... Continue Reading →

Yayy! I made it!

Hello dear imaginary readers! I'm back with an achievement this time. It has been difficult for me, yes, but I managed to get through it. And that is what matters in the end. Also, I realised that most of the things that I fear about never happen. It's just my mind playing stupid tricks with... Continue Reading →

Look through a kid’s glasses.

Today, I came across a very interesting speculation. While we were solving a question in the Junior Software Developer class, there was an occurrence of the variable 'j' in some question. Now, the problem I faced here was, I couldn't consider that 'j' as something random. The previous five years of conditioning have made me... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Pet Peeves

Hello people! Wait, I don't know who exactly am I greeting hello to, cause there's literally nobody left here (and I am secretly happy about it!). It's not like they wanted to leave, but more like I wanted them to leave. I myself have converted this blossoming, fruitful blog of mine into a barren desert... Continue Reading →

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