The one thing on which everything depends right now is my thinking, my will. It’s me who has to decide what is good for me.

This time, I am gonna prove that I am no average student, I can excel in any subject. What I need is the will, the desire to excel, the desire to learn something.

And this time, I’m finding things interesting seriously! Yeah, they’re difficult, but still very interesting. Again remembering my New Year Resolutions, I’d give my best in studies. I’ve actually started studying from today, that is, a week after the beginning of my Second semester.

I won’t let anything come in between now. I’ll have to set a goal for myself, I need to prove myself. I will do anything to score the highest. I’m no looser, I’ll do anything to be the WINNER.

This is my resolution again, I’d give my best in studies this semester. Afterall, nothing is Impossible, only if we try! :)