Hello people, we’re back with a mind-blowing idea! We’ve decided to start an Interview Series on my blog where we’ll be interviewing all of you beautiful bloggers out there. The series is named as “Kuchh Batao Naa“, with Firefly!


Yeah, I’m always curious to know about my friends’ lives and constantly keep on pestering them with this one question, “Kuch Batao na“. Hence, this epic title. 😂

This was actually Mahesh’s idea, but thanks to him for letting me steal it. Yayy! He’ll be my Reporter and every Sunday, we’ll bring you some really interesting people. It can be the one reading this too, Beware! 😈

We’ll begin this Sunday, 11th Sept with our very first celebrity guest, THE COLLAB KING, Mr Mahesh Mali. 😻 Stay tuned to know a little more about our Mr Positive, how he started his blogging journey, his struggles,  achievements, and yes, his favourite bloggers too! You shouldn’t miss this. Who knows, you might be in his favourites list too. 😛

Till then, keep smiling, keep shining!
– Firefly! 🌟

You may read the interviews here:
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